Philips Lighting and Globus Test Effect of Lighting on Shopping

Globus supermarket--specially lit area for study

At the Globus supermarket in Saarbrücken, Sweden, Philips Lighting, and the store conducted a pilot research project examining the effect of colored LED lighting on customer sales. The study looked at the influence of different combinations of colored LED light on sales and customer behavior.

According to Philips, the results showed that using colored uplights, together with the Philips StoreWise lighting concept helped increase sales. At the same time, the LED lighting delivered energy savings of up to 75 percent compared to conventional lighting.

The experiment employed sensors in the ceiling and within 300 shopping carts to monitor the customer movements along with purchase receipts. The researchers looked at the customer presence in each display area and compared that with customer purchases from each area.

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For the two-month experiment, the researchers tested different light conditions in the 180 square meter display area. The store equipped the display area with Philips StoreWise and an LED lighting system. The researchers compared the effects of the three different lighting scenes, uniform ceiling lighting, normal spotlights, and a combination of spotlights and pastel colored uplights.

Combination of Spotlights and Pastel-colored Uplights Most Attractive

The study showed that buyers found the light from a combination of spotlights and pastel-colored up-lights to be most attractive. Eight percent more goods were purchased from this specially-lit area. The same lighting combination with colored light also led to the best dwell times in this area of action and, compared to the usual shop lighting, an increase in customer visits by 15 percent.

Philips Lighting and Globus supermarket lighting study infographic

Philips Lighting and Globus supermarket lighting study infographic

The study found, however, that if spotlights alone replaced the conventional lighting, 7 percent more customers visited the area and sales increased just 2.6 percent total for the area.

“The use of soft pastel colors to emphasize certain products gives retailers a completely new impetus. For the first time, it was shown in this study that different light conditions can influence the purchasing behavior and increase sales,” said Gonneke Gros, Head of Food and Large Retail, Philips Lighting. “With new lighting systems such as Philips StoreWise and the Philips indoor navigation system, retailers can analyze their sales and customer traffic data in real-time, and automatically adjust lighting conditions to optimize sales.”

The store hypothesized that the 58 spotlights used in the experiment could make the products much more effective with increased contrasts. Additionally, they also surmised that perhaps the colored ceiling floodlights helped clearly delimit the presentation zone and made it more visible from a greater distance.

Norbert Scheller, branch manager at the Globus Supermarket in Saarbrücken, explained, “As a retailer, we must ensure a multi-sensory environment and a ‘wow effect’ in our stores to stay ahead of the competition. Working with Philips Lighting helped us to recognize the immense potential of lighting. We have successfully led our customers to the areas of action in our business and addressed them in a completely new way.”