Philips Lighting Expands FluxStream Family

Philips Lighting has added to its family of FluxStream linear LED strip lights. The LED strip lights now comes in wrap around and industrial models. The strip light mimics the light distribution pattern of single bulb linear fluorescent luminaires with ballasts.

Philips Lighting FluxStream models

Philips Lighting new FluxStream models

Philips Lighting intends the design and common ordering nomenclature to make the FluxStream LED strip luminaires the “go to” linear LED strip. The luminaire comes in 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot lengths with four color temperature options ranging from 3000K to 5000K.

The luminaires boast a long life and low operating costs compared to conventional fluorescent lights.
Potential applications for the LED strips include lighting for warehouses, offices, factory floors, schools, and multi-family residences.

Luxeon High Power
Philips Lighting FluxStream Linear luminaires installed at an indoor aquarium

Philips Lighting FluxStream Linear luminaires installed an aquarium building

The luminaire comes standard with 0-10V dimming, and an integral DAYOCC sensor is available.
The design flexibility of the LED strips gives lighting designers another option for upgrading conventional fluorescent lights to something that is more efficient and reliable.