Philips Lighting Deploys Company’s First PoE Connected Lighting System in Smart Office

In a first for Philips Lighting, the company has installed a power over Ethernet (PoE) connected lighting system at the Nordics. The company worked with TDC Erhverv, Denmark’s largest supplier of integrated IT and communication technologies on the installation. The PoE connected lighting system employs Cisco Network technology. The Philips lighting system was deployed at the Nordics newly built smart office in Albertslund Municipality in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According to Philips, the PoE connected lighting system gives building managers novel insights into energy use and space utilization and lets office workers use a smartphone app to personalize their office lighting. The project is a key accomplishment in Copenhagen’s Lighting Metropolis initiative.

The Philips PoE connected lighting system has occupancy sensors integrated with Philips SmartBalance and Philips PowerBalance luminaires. Approximately 400 LED light fixtures connect to Cisco’s secure networking technology. These LED lights get power from the small electric charge that the network’s Ethernet cables carry.  These same cables also route data from the sensors to the building’s management system. Albertslund Municipality envisions the energy-efficient connected office lighting system as a paradigm shift in public digital management and service.

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Philips Lighting - PoE Connected Lighting at the Nordics office in Copenhagen

Philips Lighting – PoE Connected Lighting at the Nordics office in Copenhagen

“The new connected lighting system provides us with an infrastructure fit for the digital age. The municipality expects that the results will be promising enough to broaden the use of such technology to other municipality buildings – with the initial focus on buildings used for administration, healthcare and learning. Environments where lighting can be adjusted by staff to meet their needs and have sensor-based functions are becoming increasingly important,” said Niels Carsten Bluhme, Director of City, Environment, Culture & Employment at Albertslund Municipality.

The Albertslund Municipality smart office is one of the Lighting Metropolis initiative’s initial projects, and it joins over 25 other demonstration projects under development, with applications ranging from lighting for psychiatry to traffic lights, and lighting for schools.

Bright and connected PoE Connected Lighting System

Cisco PoE switches allow the transmission of power and data over standard Ethernet cables. The system will monitor and manage light levels, and energy consumption. According to Philips Lighting, sensors will also monitor estimated room occupancy levels, and together this data will help building managers both optimize energy use and manage the office space. The connected lighting system also lets workers control the lighting and other building services with their smartphones. This supports the Municipality’s goal of supporting an excellent working environment that enhances employee satisfaction and increases productivity, by ensuring that employees have the right light for any given task.

Astrid Simonsen Joos, CEO of Philips Lighting for the Nordic Region contends that using its connected LED lighting system can reduce electricity consumption for lighting by up to 80%, lower maintenance costs, and promote improved productivity. She said, “We are pleased with our ground-breaking collaboration with Cisco, TDC and Albertslund Municipality on this project, which is the first of its kind in the Nordic region.”

Installation Continues Philips Lighting Partnership with Cisco

Philips Lighting indicated that this latest smart office implementation further emphasizes the relationship between Philips Lighting and Cisco.

“Cisco has continuously been a leader in technology-driven innovation that helps us build a sustainable and intelligent future. The smart office environment we have built in collaboration with Albertslund Municipality, TDC and Philips Lighting is a world-class example. A converged solution of network technology, electricity, light and dynamic input from office users has given us the opportunity to create a more energy efficient, vibrant and adaptable environment that paves the way for the future,” said Claus Holm, regional sales manager, Cisco Northern Europe.

TDC Erhverv installed the system and other technologies, including Wi-Fi and video conferencing equipment, and managed the overall project.

“We are very pleased with this project that points to the future of offices. It is important for us to develop Denmark’s digital capabilities and a project like this illustrates how a digital future may be created in partnership with public and private parties, showing the way forward,” said Marina Lønning, CEO of TDC Erhverv.

The new smart office in Albertslund went into service beginning in autumn 2017.