Philips Devises Two New LED Applications for Hotel Room Comfort

Philips, which now owns Lumileds, has come up with another useful LED application.
The device called the “stumble light” attaches to beds and activates
when the bed’s occupant rises in the middle of the night, according to
an article
in The stumble light uses a specially designed sensor
on the bed to light the way to the bathroom. The device alleviates the need
to “stumble” around looking for a light switch. Another room solution
that the company has created for hotels is to provide ambient lighting. Controlled
systems allow customers to transform their hotel room with push-button controls
into an area for relaxation, for watching television, or for doing work on their
laptop at the desk. Each has its own lighting environment. While the devices
are used primarily in hotel rooms, the application has the potential to extend
to luxury homes.