Philips Brings Tunable White to Several Luminaires

Philips Lighting has devised a new tunable white system that simulates the benefits of natural light. The new capability can mimic the look, feel, and more importantly the effect of natural light indoors. While years ago the company granted much of this flexibility to its original HUE LED bulb, the company has now expanded the wireless controls and color tuning to other luminaires. The company has also hinted at the ability to connect with management and monitoring systems as well as building automation systems.

According to Philips Lighting, people in offices, healthcare facilities, and retail settings, will be able to control and tune the intensity, quality, and color of the lighting based on the time of day, the availability of natural light, and individual taste. So, users can specify the right light, with the correct spectral content, at the desired time for a range of activities.

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“Lighting has a profound effect on the human body, how we feel, and how we function,” said Rahul Shira, Product Manager for Controls & Software, Philips Lighting. “Whether it is student focus in the classroom, employee comfort in the office, shopper behavior inside the store, or patient recovery in the hospital, it is quite easy and exceedingly beneficial to customize an indoor space and recreate the effects of natural light.”

Philips says its tunable white system grants retailers, schools, and offices increased flexibility and the capacity to easily change LED light intensities and correlated color temperatures (CCT) from warm white (2700K) to cool white (6500K) depending on the need or preference. In addition, Philips says that these controls can be combined with centralized management and monitoring and can also be integrated with other building systems such as cooling, heating, and ventilation.

The user interface offers a combination of predetermined settings that can enable instant changes to a room’s ambiance.
Also, the interface can schedule the next task or initiate a spontaneous activity. An application on a mobile device can enable wireless control of the lighting installation.

Like the original HUE bulb, wireless control of the lighting can be managed from an application on a mobile device.

The light tuning and controlling capabilities are now available in North America across certain Philips luminaires including Philips Lightolier LyteProfile; Philips Ledalite BoldPlay and FloatPlane; and Philips Day-Brite SofTrace, ClearAppeal, and EvoGrid.