Philips Becomes First Corporate Sponsor of the Climate Group’s Clean Revolution Campaign

Royal Philips Electronics (Philips) has joined The Climate Group’s Clean Revolution campaign as the first Lead Corporate Partner. The Climate Group defines the Clean Revolution as the swift and massive scaling-up of clean technologies and infrastructure. The group asserts that it will create jobs, strengthen economic growth, and secure a smarter, better, more prosperous future for all.

The group aims to speed up the global switch to LED lighting and reduce lighting energy consumption by 40% worldwide. Philips Lighting, a leading lighting company, is the first Corporate Partner to join The Climate Group’s three-year Clean Revolution campaign. The campaign’s main aim is to inspire the world’s decision-makers and enable them to accelerate low carbon economic growth.  Philips notes that LED lighting offers opportunities for significant cuts in energy use and worldwide carbon dioxide emissions.


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The Climate Group and Philips point out that currently, lighting accounts for 19%  of global electricity production. According to Philips, a full switch to LED lighting could reduce energy consumption for lighting by 40% worldwide. This translates to approximately 130 billion euros in running costs. Philips says that Furthermore, the switch to LED could cut back the need for capital investment in new electricity generation capacity of over 1 trillion euros – or some 640 power plants.