PalaTrento Municipal Arena Gets Thorn LED Lighting as Part of Renovation

A multipurpose sports arena in the Italian city of Trento now features a comprehensive new LED-based lighting system from Thorn Lighting. The new lighting was part of the extensive renovations of the PalaTrento municipal arena. The venue, which can accommodate up to 4360 spectators will soon be expanded to provide seating for up to 5000 sports fans.

As part of the modernization and expansion of the arena, municipal officials wanted the arena to have a new and more efficient lighting system that would also provide the best quality of light for both players and spectators. Before the Thorn Lighting installation, different luminaire sizes and varying lighting intensities made it virtually impossible to guarantee the achievement of light output required to meet the regulatory standards for high-level international competitions.

Thorn Lighting of Palatrento Municipal Arena

Thorn Lighting of PalaTrento Municipal Arena

After a thorough product selection process, the lighting designers finally settled on the Thorn Altis Sport, a high-power LED
floodlight for sports lighting applications. Thorn says that the Altis Sport offers flicker-free lighting, which is suitable for HDTV broadcasting. Furthermore, the company says that the floodlights feature a flexible optical system that creates an optimized lighting distribution.

Luxeon High Power

According to Thorn, a total of 92 symmetrical and asymmetrical floodlights can achieve light levels of up to 3400 lux, and a DMX system enables full individual control of dimming and directional positioning. As a result of the extensive control options, visitors to the PalaTrento can now also experience the type of spectacular team presentations often viewed before National Basketball Association (NBA) games in America.

Thorn points out that the new lighting system easily outperforms the large number of conventional discharge lamps that formed the mainstay of the old installation. Now, the newly installed Altis Sport LED floodlights can deliver the ideal conditions for a variety of matches and sporting events including basketball and volleyball. The system can reportedly provide first-class lighting for both sporting events and training.

Thorn points out that the impressive new lighting system is the result of the company’s collaboration with team members such as Teknoengineering, a long-term partner of the Zumtobel Group.