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Continuing Education: The Lifeblood of Electrical Contractors Including Lighting Installers
In this guest editorial, Capital TriState a continuing education firm for electrical contractors, argues that the increasingly complex work of electrical contractors including lighting installers…
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After 18 great years, we're wrapping up the sites...

It seems like only a short time ago that we launched the original CompoundSemi Online News, which started it all. It was 2000 (yes, Y2K) and online publishing was just getting started. "The compounds" were that geeky technology that was enabling the mobile communications and optical communications revolutions, and LEDs…

London Bridges to Get Signify LED Lighting Along with Control and Monitoring Service

Each year there are about 200 million crossings over the 15 bridges going to and from London. By 2022, up to 15 of these bridges will be illuminated with LED lighting from Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting. Signify reported that the Illuminated River Foundation awarded it the contract to…

Cree Launches FLEX Series LED Specification Troffers

Cree, Inc. of Durham, North Carolina USA, announced the FLEX Series LED Specification Troffer. The company claims that the FLEX Series troffers give architects and lighting specifiers remarkable design freedom. Cree points to U.S. Department of Energy finding that about 50 percent of all luminaires used in the U.S. commercial…

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Cree and The Noun Project Collaborate to Create Iconic Symbols for LED Lighting

Cree, Inc. and The Noun Project are sponsoring an Iconathon at the Cree campus in Durham on Saturday, Feb. 25. This Iconathon is a half day design workshop to create universally recognizable symbols for LED lighting and other energy-efficient technologies including solar panels, weatherized homes and wind turbines. The event …

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Philips Becomes First Corporate Sponsor of the Climate Group’s Clean Revolution Campaign

Royal Philips Electronics (Philips) has joined The Climate Group’s Clean Revolution campaign as the first Lead Corporate Partner. The Climate Group defines the Clean Revolution as the swift and massive scaling-up of clean technologies and infrastructure. The group asserts that it will create jobs, strengthen economic growth, and secure a …

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SSL Summit Catalyzing Discussions on Future of LED Lighting

Austin, Texas — The SSL Summit executive-level conference, coming up April 3-4 in Long Beach, California, is focusing a high-level dialog between the lighting industry and LED industry leaders, on the future of smarter, better lighting. The ability to control both the wavelengths and optical properties of lighting, to the …

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