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Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh Compliment IoT
Numerous people have asked me about the Internet of Things. One question that I have gotten several times is something like, "The Internet of Things, that's like when your phone connects to your…
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Edward-Elmhurst Health Saves Big with LED Lighting Upgrade with Help of Fairbanks Energy Services

Fairbanks Energy Services, a full-service design, and build energy conservation firm, reported the conclusion of a series of energy efficiency upgrades for Edward-Elmhurst Health, which is among the largest integrated healthcare systems in Illinois. The project resulted in a dramatic reduction in electricity used for lighting. According to Fairbanks Energy…

Philips Lighting Expands Interact Platform to All IoT Applications Using Lighting as a Backbone; Launches New Connected Lighting Systems

Previously, Philips Lighting launched Interact as an office IoT platform. (Ref. Coverage). Now the company has apparently expanded the Interact platform to include all IoT applications. The platform supports the Philips Lighting's plan to deliver new data-enabled services as value extends from lighting products and systems to services. The company…
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E.Leclerc Langon Increases Sales with Location-Based Services from Zumtobel

E.Leclerc Langon a hypermarket in the French town of Langon has tested out the use of location-based services along with a customer loyalty app using technology from Austrian firm Zumtobel. As expected, the technology increased sales. The retailer E.Leclerc wanted to enhance fixed retail through digital transformation. Zumtobel Group Services…

TALQ Consortium to Introduce TALQ Version 2.0 Standard for Smart City Applications

The TALQ Consortium, which developed a global interface standard and certification system for managing outdoor lighting, announced that it will soon introduce TALQ version 2.0, an easy to integrate RESTful/JSON protocol. TALQ version 2.0 addresses numerous smart city applications. According to the consortium, the updated technical specification defines the new…

Philips Introduces LiFi-Enabled Luminaires; Proposes Name Change to Signify

Philips Lighting of the Netherlands is now offering Light Fidelity (LiFi), a technology where high quality LED lighting delivers a broadband Internet connection through light waves. And in other Philips Lighting news with timing that is probably not coincidental, the company has announced its intention to change its name to…

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Lighting of Presidential Portrait Gallery in Smithsonian Controlled with Xicato GalaXi Bluetooth-based System

The Presidential Portrait Gallery in the Smithsonian Institution is the nation’s only complete collection of presidential portraits outside the White House. And the gallery’s mission like the National Portrait which houses it is to tell the American story through portraits of the individuals who have shaped it. In June 2017, …

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EarthTronics Introduces LED Color Changing Panels

EarthTronics -rendering of LED Color Changing Panels

EarthTronics of Muskegon, Michigan USA, launched the company’s new LED Color Changing Panels. The LED-based color changing panels offer a unique high-definition color tunable design that the company says can precisely adjust both the color temperature and the light level for educational, commercial, office, and retail lighting applications. The LED …

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Osram Introduces Wireless Site Lighting Control (WSLC) Module

Osram Wireless Site Lighting Control (WSLC) module

Osram reported that its newly launched Wireless Site Lighting Control (WSLC) Module, expands the company’s ENCELIUM® EXTEND Networked Light Management System capability to a building’s surroundings or site including pathways, private roadways, and parking lots. According to Osram, the ENCELIUM® EXTEND system can manage the interior and exterior site lighting …

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Silvair Partnerships to Bring Bluetooth Mesh-Enabled Smart Lighting Infrastructure Products and Components to Market

Silvair, a pioneer in lighting control technology utilizing the Bluetooth mesh networking standard, announced partnerships with Danlers, DG Light, ERP, Fulham, McWong International, and Murata. Through the partnerships, Silvair plans to bring to the market a broad range of products and components for setting up smart lighting infrastructure in commercial spaces. …

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