Osram Starts Business Incubator FLUXUNIT for Smart Lighting

Osram has started a new business called FLUXUNIT that serves as an incubator for start-ups. The startups can be formed from Osram or externally. The goal of FLUXUNIT is to support and be part of novel businesses. Specifically, FLUXUNIT intends to help early-stage start-up companies that have developed products or services with lighting that go beyond just illumination. The company focuses on Smart City, Smart Building, and Industrial Applications. Connected lighting, the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things are apparently the basis of the early-stage startups for which they are looking.

Smart City

Within the Smart City category, the firm gives examples of innovation that improves the quality of life, increases efficiency and enhances sustainability in urban areas including improvements to public safety, connectivity, (e-) mobility, or environmental safety.

Smart Building

In the SMART Building realm, the firm said it is seeking early-stage startups that innovate the way private and professional buildings are used and managed including energy saving, health & comfort, elderly services, and support, or entertainment.

Luxeon High Power

Industrial Applications

The unique businesses the firm is seeking in industrial applications include examples such as horticulture, sensing/analytics, disinfection, aerospace and drones, or defense and security.

According to the website, these novel businesses can center around a new product, a unique service or a disruptive business model. As a corporate incubator, FLUXUNIT searches for startups around the world but says that it is equally interested in teams from the OSRAM environment. The company says it invests in and supports startups in their early stages. The firm expects the next stage in the lighting industry to add value beyond illumination.

FLUXUNIT says it has a powerful toolset to bring a business to high speed and success. In addition to investing, FLUXUNIT says it can support early startups with a strong business coaching and can draw on lighting expertise besides co-working areas. Unlike other incubator firms, the company says it can offer you strategic cooperation. This cooperation includes support for example for industrializing your product or in terms of branding.

The website encourages those with a potential innovation who want to form a business, to contact FLUXUNIT.