Osram SIMPLUX Serves as Foundation for Connected Lighting and Control

Osram -- SIMPLUX connected lighting system

Osram announced the availability of its new simple standalone wireless lighting control system, SIMPLUX™.
The company designed SIMPLUX for small- to mid-sized spaces up to 10,000 square feet and up to 100 nodes. The control system offers 0-10V dimming of virtually any manufacturer’s luminaire with a 0-10V dimmable ballast or LED driver. The system provides either fixture-by-fixture or full group control as needed.

Osram says that SIMPLUX also offers an easy upgrade path to its ENCELIUM® networked light management system and the POLARIS 3D software for more sophisticated, enterprise-level integration and control of building automation systems via BACNet®.

According to Osram, the SIMPLUX as its name implies is a simple, code-compliant solution for a variety of room or multi-room applications. These potential applications include new, retrofit and multi-phase construction projects. The SIMPLUX wireless lighting control system is ideally suited for schools, commercial offices, warehouses, and places where a wired solution is a challenge.

Luxeon High Power

Not All the Bells and Whistles

The system does not offer all the bells and whistles of Osram’s ENCELIUM networked lighting platform. However, it brings wireless control with a relatively easy upgrade, and Osram indicated that the system also offers a foundation for an upgrade to its more sophisticated control and monitoring and building automation solutions. Unlike, the more extensive and connected lighting solutions out there, SIMPLUX does not require a floor plan.

“Many small- to mid-sized commercial space customers need a code-compliant solution that is simple to install and manage, and also can provide the adaptability required to meet their evolving needs,” said Tom Shottes, Head of Osram Digital Systems, Americas Region. SIMPLUX meets these criteria, providing customers with a unique solution that is both flexible and future-proof.”

Quick Setup

Osram contends that with use of barcodes and the SIMPLUX Mobile Setup App, both installation, and setup are quick and easy. Installers first scan the barcodes of pre-installed hardware. Then the installers can group and connect them to appropriate SIMPLUX controllers. The lights have default settings including automated demand response, light levels, and time-outs. The company also says that the mobile app can easily modify Initialized lighting control schemes to accommodate different lighting requirements, applications, and environments.

Intuitive labeling of wall stations and a clean, sleek component design help make it more user-friendly.

While the SIMPLUX system does not come with occupancy and motion and daylight sensors, such sensors are compatible with the system. The one feature that the SIMPLUX system does not have is the data analytics back end that its ENCELLIUM and POLARIS 3D software offer. Despite not having data analytics, sophisticated control features including scheduling, and creating scenes are also possible with the SIMPLUX app.

Ideal for Schools

Osram asserts that for example, SIMPLUX can serve as the default classroom solution for a school or district because it supports a wide range of classroom configurations and requirements with energy-efficient lighting. In schools, the controls can provide appropriate light levels for different tasks including A/V, exams, and smart board activities.

Also, unlike some other of its more complex IoT-connected lighting solutions, Osram points out that SIMPLUX is a standalone solution. Deployment can be done in individual classrooms, in school wings, at different times of a phased project, or can be based on when funding is made available.

Osram’s SIMPLUX is now available to specify, and the company will begin shipping SIMPLUX in June 2017.