Osram Launches New Modario PM for Industrial Environments

Osram Modario PM IP20

Osram has introduced LED-base luminaires for industrial environments that require bright lighting for visually challenging tasks such as quality inspection, assembly line work, and precision mechanical work. The company’s new continuous row luminaire Modario PM (Performance) boasts comfortable, glare-free and yet very bright illumination.

Models of the Modario PM luminaires come with clear or diffuse scatter lenses. Both reportedly achieve superior glare reduction with Unified Glare Rating (UGR) values from below 19 to below 24 depending on type. The company says that even the versions with measurably higher UGR values generate no subjectively perceptible impression of glare.

According to Osram, direct viewing into the luminaire is possible even while the luminaire is on, and the perception is pleasant.

Luxeon High Power

The linear luminaires come in two different lumen packages of about 6,500 lm and about 10,000 lm. The Modario PM luminaires come with the option of DALI-based controls or multi-lumen functionality in which ten separate lumen packages are housed in one luminaire; these LED packages are settable in steps of 500 lm via a DIP switch.

Osram contends that mounting of the luminaires is remarkably simple. Rotary catches are used to mount the lighting inserts to the trunking rails, and external connectors enable simple electrical connection to the rail. The luminaires can be linked together in a continuous row.