Osram Introduces Wireless Site Lighting Control (WSLC) Module

Osram Wireless Site Lighting Control (WSLC) module

Osram reported that its newly launched Wireless Site Lighting Control (WSLC) Module, expands the company’s ENCELIUM® EXTEND Networked Light Management System capability to a building’s surroundings or site including pathways, private roadways, and parking lots. According to Osram, the ENCELIUM® EXTEND system can manage the interior and exterior site lighting of buildings. Also, the management system can gather data from a range of lighting component suppliers to customize a lighting usage scheme to meet changing requirements.

The WSLC Module augments the capabilities of the ENCELIUM® EXTEND system, giving the system wireless lighting controls capability. The module installs on top of a light pole via an ANSI C136.41-compliant, 7-pin twist-lock connector. Each WSLC is addressable through the ENCELIUM® EXTEND system and can switch luminaires ON/OFF using an integrated high current relay. The device can also dim luminaires equipped with 0-10V dimming drivers or ballasts, DEXAL™ or DALI dimming drivers or ballasts, and it features an input for an external occupancy sensor.

Other Features of WSLC Module

Other features of the module, which is configured using the ENCELIUM software, include, enabling Polaris 3D®, time scheduling, astronomical clock operation, daylight harvesting, partial OFF states, an occupancy mode, energy usage reporting/metering, autonomous operation via a photocell. The device also allows input from an external occupancy sensor.

Luxeon High Power

“OSRAM’s new Wireless Site Lighting Control Module allows specifiers, architects and facility managers to take another step forward in their quest to design true smart buildings,” said Tom Shottes, Head of Osram Digital Systems, Americas Region. “Extending ENCELIUM’s control features to outdoor spaces allows our customers to save money by operating one complete system while continuing to benefit from the convenience and safety features they are accustomed to for their internal lighting systems.”

The WSLC Module is now available in the Americas Region.