Osram Creates Non-proprietary DEXAL Interface for Communication Among Luminaire Components

Osram announced Osram DEXAL™ (Data Exchange for Advanced Lighting), which serves as a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire communication technology for communicating data between luminaire components within an individual luminaire. DEXAL enables power and bi-directional communication between the driver and the fixture-integrated elements.

Osram notes that this interface can provide accurate luminaire-specific data including diagnostics for light management systems. DEXAL can reportedly support data-driven applications that require exact, not estimated, luminaire data including operating hours, power consumption, driver case temperature, as well as notification of LED module or driver failure.

Luxeon High Power

Osram says that so far DEXAL has been tested and proven compatible with a growing list of prominent lighting management systems including Enlighted, Inc, Magnum Energy Solutions; Daintree Networks solutions from Current, powered by GE; and Osram ENCELIUM.

Osram asserts that luminaire original equipment manufacturers can leverage DEXAL to dramatically reduce the number of component configurations that their light management systems must support.

“The smart building trend requires an innovative approach to technology and processes. Our goal is to enable our partners with forward-thinking technology solutions that help them become active participants in smart building applications, and also streamline manufacturing processes that can be costly and time-consuming,” said Yavor Kolarov, head of product management, Americas –Digital SSL Components, Osram.

DEXAL technology is a simplified way of creating smart, connected fixtures that are proven compatible with industry-leading light management systems, and that will support future data-driven applications that require exact, not estimated luminaire data.”

DEXAL is Freely Available

Kolarov noted that the DEXAL technology is non-proprietary and freely available to use, but Osram would like to keep track of who downloads and uses the interface specification. Kolarov further explained that ultimately the company hopes that the DEXAL interface will become an industry standard for communication among luminaire components. As such, the standard would one day be governed by a standards board.

OPTOTRONIC® programmable driver with DEXAL

OPTOTRONIC® programmable driver with DEXAL

Osram affirms that the interface enables luminaire manufacturers to produce smart fixtures that can perform two-way communication with fixture-level data without complicating the design and manufacturing process. Furthermore, the company contends that using one standard interface with an integrated power supply on every luminaire simplifies manufacturing requirements and can reduce costs.

Osram OPTOTRONIC® programmable drivers now feature this DEXAL technology. Therefore, according to Osram, these drivers can give lighting producers a streamlined solution for making individual fixtures into smart nodes on a networked light management system.