Osram to Continue to Offer Some of its More Lucrative Lighting Products (Despite LEDvance Acquisition)

Osram will continue producing LED chips despite the sale of its LEDvance business to the Chinese consortium. In fact, the consortium has agreed to an annual purchase of LED chips from Osram once its new Malaysian LED plant begins production. Osram says that in the future, for commercial customers LEDvance will sell  LED lamps, traditional lamps, over the counter/standard LEDvance luminaires for trade and retail. LEDvance will also sell light management systems (excluding the LIGHTIFY IoT platform and LIGHTIFY Professional products which Osram will continue selling).

LEDvance will sell LED modules, and LED drivers and ballasts for Osram. For private customers, LEDvance will offer LED lamps, traditional lamps, LED lights, and smart home products. LEDvance will license the trademarks of Osram products from Osram as part of the acquisition agreement.

However, Osram outlined the products that it would continue selling. Osram says it will continue to supply automotive lighting, projection lamps, and event lighting. Osram says it will also continue to offer optoelectronic semiconductor devices including LED components, and those from all fields of optoelectronics applications including automotive and consumer electronics, and industry, and general lighting.

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Osram revealed that it would continue to produce and supply certain lighting solutions and systems including potentially the most lucrative segments of its lighting offerings such as: Professional lighting solutions in fields of application such as industry, office, retail, Smart City, and sports; Luminaires, lighting controls and software as well as offering a comprehensive service provision; Over-the-counter and standard OSRAM brand luminaires, dynamic lighting solutions, digital lighting systems, the LIGHTIFY IoT Platform and services, as well as LIGHTIFY Professional.

MLS the Chinese lighting company intends to continue using its Forest Lighting brand and will add the numerous Osram products of LEDvance after the acquisition.