Osram Concludes Partnership with beaconsmind AG on Einstone Solution

Osram reports that it has concluded its collaboration and partnership with beaconsmind AG, the first iBeacon full-service provider based in Switzerland. iBeacon gives in-store retailers and fashion brands an immediate end-to-end solution for integrating location-based services (LBS). beaconsmind AG will present the Einstone solution portfolio using Osram LED lighting at the EuroShop trade fair from March 5 to 9, 2017.

Osram and beaconsmind are granting retailers a glimpse into their technological future with the ability to deliver personalized direct marketing, in addition to offering detailed analyses and integration of sales channels. Retailers can now achieve this technological potential in their shop environment thanks to “Einstone Smart Retail.”

The solution package uses LED lighting equipped with an iBeacon visual light communications chip that makes LED fixtures act like location beacons. Each luminaire transmits data about its particular location within the store. Then, an Einstone app on customer smartphones translates digital photos of the LED lighting above into data about where the customer is located within the store.

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Then, the app uses conventional Wi-Fi to transmit this location data to a cloud server with databases that contain previous customer purchases and store items in stock and their locations on the shelves. These previous purchases give retailers a way to know what the customer tends to buy at the store and can use the app-based loyalty program to direct them to the location of such products along with special sales or offers.

Osram collaborated with beaconmind AG on Eninstone direct retail solution

Osram collaborated with beaconmind AG on Eninstone direct retail solution

The new solution package combines the app-based loyalty program with the stable, low-maintenance and constantly powered beacon infrastructure from Osram and the proximity marketing and intelligent customer analyses from software partner beaconsmind.

According to Osram, the end-to-end solution can be integrated into the broadest variety of point-of-sale (POS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. A web dashboard can thus integrate offline and online data intelligently and make it available to the retailer.

Osram notes that retailers are likely to be impressed with the with the ease of use that the intuitive campaign management can provide in real time using a web dashboard. The mobile app displays advertising messages, such as individualized offers or coupons.

When the customer reaches or is in the vicinity of a particular store, the app can also use Bluetooth (BLE) to get messages from the retailer that pop up in the form of push notifications. Retailers can use the solution to extend their marketing campaigns based on location and channel them directly to the end customers.

“We are delighted to partner with Osram as our products complement each other perfectly and offer retail companies, even more, benefits straight away,” says Max Weiland, Chief Executive Officer of beaconsmind AG. “We are convinced that a holistic understanding of customer requirements is the basis for an excellent customer experience. By integrating data from all sales channels – online, offline and mobile – we are creating transparency. Retailers can improve their product portfolios as a result and optimize their communication with the customer.”

“The innovative interaction between retailers and consumers within the store through location-based services creates completely new business potential for individually addressing customers. Thanks to the collaboration with beaconsmind, we can now offer brick-and-mortar retailers a full-service package based on a modular approach,” said Christoph Peitz, Director Smart Positioning Solutions at Osram GmbH.

“Retailers can integrate our Einstone Smart Retail solution in their shop at any time – to suit the individual circumstances and regardless of whether the lighting concept is due to be replaced,”  Dr. Peitz added.