Osram Acquires Industrial IoT Firm Digital Lumens

German firm Osram has agreed to acquire Digital Lumens Inc., a U.S. company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Digital Lumens specializes in industrial IoT solutions. Founded in 2008, Digital Lumens now has 65 employees. During the last fiscal year, the company generated revenues in the mid-double-digit millions (USD).

The company’s software platform can run applications covering everything from energy use, intelligent lighting control, and security systems, to the measure of environmental variables such as air quality. The cloud-based platform is compatible with hardware and components of other firms. With over 2,500 installations so far, Digital Lumens has established a strong customer base for industrial IoT solutions.

“The acquisition of Digital Lumens puts OSRAM in a strong position when it comes to offering future-focused digital solutions for the facilities management sector and IoT applications,” said Stefan Kampmann, chief technology officer at Osram Licht AG. “By integrating software and sensors in a single platform, we will be able to give businesses a deeper in-sight into the environment within their buildings and their utilization of space. As a company that understands space, Osram is taking the next step in developing new business models that go beyond lighting. What’s more, the platform is also compatible with light products made by other manufacturers.”

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Osram says that the acquisition of Digital Lumens from venture capital investors will enable it to expand its business with digital lighting solutions and add to its expertise related to software, sensors, and connectivity.

Digital Lumens Industrial IoT Solution Customers Pay Monthly Charge

Customers employing the Digital Lumens cloud-based industrial IoT solution pay a monthly charge to access data that their lighting management system continually records and analyzes. This permits them to optimize business methods and document process-critical environmental variables.

Osram plans to integrate some of its existing digital services to the Digital Lumens platform including the navigation and location solution Einstone, which utilizes Bluetooth to transmit targeted offers to users’ smartphones such as when they are in a brick-and-mortar retail environment.

Osram points out that an Einstone pilot project achieved significant and measurable increases in sales. From the pilot project results, Eistone won the Best In-Store Solutions Award at the Euroshop 2017 trade fair.

Osram intends to build on its existing products and services and to position itself not only as a provider of platform-based industrial IoT applications but also as a partner for custom-made solutions, which optimize processes in buildings.

“I am delighted that we will be working with OSRAM’s technology experts to pave the way for further growth and new customer applications. Our existing and future customers can look forward to even more value-adding innovations,” said Tom Pincince, president and CEO of Digital Lumens.