Orion to Supply Troffer Retrofits for Healthcare Facilities

Orion Energy Systems, Inc. of Manitowoc, Wisconsin reported that an important Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has chosen Orion’s patented HARRIS LED LDR®Troffer Retrofit system for a multi-facility rollout. So far, Orion, through its installation partner, has received about $900,000 in orders for 70 of the company’s 342 facilities.

The trust chose Orion products after a competitive review process in which ten major industry LED solution providers submitted bids. Orion products were selected because they can provide the required performance and project specifications, including 3500 Kelvin color temperature. The 3500 K color temperature helps ensure occupant comfort in the company’s facilities.

Orion says that its patented LDR® Troffer Retrofit products are the industry’s first LED retrofit solution contained within the troffer door frame. This retrofit solution allows customers to install the each fixture in merely one to two minutes during the third shift without disrupting the daily operations. Also, because the Orion fixtures are installed into the existing fluorescent fixture frame, installation does not disturb the facility’s grid. The simple installation without disturbing the grid limits the potential for dirt and debris where sanitation is crucial for patient safety.

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“Time and again, the performance and modularity of our LDR line of products is tough to ignore in competitive bidding situations,” said Orion Energy Systems’ CEO John Scribante. “Winning this substantial project exemplifies our value proposition in the retrofit market in general, and in the healthcare market specifically, which we estimate to be approximately a $3 billion opportunity.”