OptiLED Launches Wide Variety of Fixtures

LED fixture maker, OptiLED announced on its website
the launch of a line of several kinds of new LED fixtures. The first in the
variety of new fixtures is the Belt fixture. Built specifically for OptiLED
LED lamps, it features watertight construction and has 25 Watts per socket.
It comes in flat or round cable varieties, and it can come with either North
American, European, or British Style plugs. It has E26 or E27 or E14 variations,
and it is great for numerous outdoor applications.

The company came out with what they call their Cappuccino fixture. It comes
in either 6 or 9 watts and ships with high brightness OptiLED LEDs already installed.
It is housed in a safe and durable package. It features aluminum housing and
a clear plastic cover. It can integrate with 110 and 220 volt AC power. OptiLED
says it is great for restaurants, office buildings, and public spaces.

OptiLED introduced its ceiling mounted, Cylinder LED fixture. It holds an E26
base lamp, and it supports up to 15 watts. The Cylinder has a white paint finish
with a smooth aluminum reflector. The fixture is specifically made for OptiLED’s
reflector lamp Par 30 (10 Watt). This downlight is suited to general lighting
applications and is ideal for hotel and restaurant installations.

Luxeon High Power

The company released its Espresso fixture. It is 220V AC compatible, and it
allows clap mounting for easy installation. It gives off no ultraviolet radiation.
It is ideal for accent and decorative lighting and is fits perfectly in settings
such as restaurants, office buildings, and public spaces. It has an aluminum
housing and clear plastic cover, and like the other fixtures, it comes complete
with a high brightness OptiLED LED.

Another of the general lighting products that the company introduced is the
Light Engine LEO2. It comes with patented RXI optics installed. Various diffusers
can be applied to change the beam shape and size. Integrated power circuitry
allows the light engine to be powered by a 12V AC/DC input. It has a mounting
bracket for easy installation. The light engine can be used in restaurants,
bars, clubs, lounges, and lobbies.

OptiLED introduced a wall mountable lamp with a flexible chrome tube the company
calls the Willow fixture. The flexible tube can be adjusted to any direction.
Night stands, hotel rooms, bedrooms, and desks are perfect settings for this

OptiLED’s Silver fixture is a recessed downlight with a sanded silver
finish. Its tailor made for OptiLED mini-reflector lamps, and it is compatible
with a wide range of OPTILED GU5.3/GX5.3 based lamps. It has a selection of
top fitting rings. It can be used in general downlighting applications especially
including gallery highlighting, and hotel lobbies. OptiLED
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