Novo by Microsoft Venue Gets LED Luminaires from Philips Entertainment Lighting

Philips reported that its new VLZ range of LED-based stage luminaires was chosen to bring high performance, energy efficient lighting to the Novo by Microsoft, a live entertainment venue in the L.A. LIVE sports and entertainment district of Los Angeles. The 2,356-capacity Novo by Microsoft serves as a flexible venue that hosts live music of many genres, a varied events program, as well as comedy shows.

In their hunt for new lighting, theater manager Jennie Perkins and lighting designer Keith Mitchell wanted fixtures that were bright, silent and responsive. They primarily wanted state-of-the-art LED technology to provide the benefits of energy efficiency and high reliability.

Philips Entertainment Lighting supplies lighting for Novo by Microsoft venue

Philips Entertainment Lighting supplies lighting for Novo by Microsoft venue

“We do over 200 events a year and energy consumption is very important to us,” said Perkins. “Equally, the busy program means we simply don’t have time to have fixtures out for repair.”

Luxeon High Power

Their lighting selection included a combination of fixtures from Philips Entertainment Lighting’s new VLZ range of moving heads, such as the VLZ Spot, VLZ Wash and VLZ Profile luminaires.

Perkins said, “The fixtures’ luminosity is impressive in an LED unit, and they are extremely quiet, which is great for speaking panels and filming. They bring updated features from the VL3000s and VL3500s which we had previously. The light output quality is great: crisp, clear beams on stage, with true colors, and they’re fast, smooth and great for TV.”

Mitchell and Perkins Also Select Philips SL Beam 300fx fixtures

In addition to the Philips VLZs, Mitchell and Perkins selected Philips SL Beam 300fx fixtures, which can operate as a beam or wash light, for use above the stage and in the dance floor area.

“We wanted a replacement for our Par cans, and the variable zoom on these fixtures does the job extremely well,” said Mitchell.

Perkins commented, “It’s great to have state-of-the-art fixtures that visiting LDs are excited about when they come in for events. The LED technology not only creates the most flattering and truest lighting programs for both our in-venue audiences and viewers at home, but it’s great for saving money on energy and it creates less heat, which is another advantage. Every visiting lighting designer who has come through since the installation has been impressed by the new fixtures. In particular, the brightness from the LEDs has been resoundingly well received.”

Grant Bales-Smith, general manager EMEA, Philips Entertainment Lighting said, “The new VLZ range combines the many benefits of our latest LED technology with the advanced features and color reproduction that users know and expect from Philips Vari-Lite. The range delivers genuine advantages to busy venues like the Novo.”

Grant Bales-Smith concluded, “We are delighted to see the VLZ range finding favor in such a variety of stage and studio environments.”