Noribachi Works with Bucknell University on Custom Retrofit of Fieldhouse Lighting

Noribachi, a US-based LED manufacturer worked with Bucknell University to
upgrade its Gerhard Fieldhouse sports facility lighting with a customized LED
light retrofit solution. Noribachi created custom LED light retrofits to
replace metal halide bulbs in the facility’s existing indirect light
fixtures. The company reportedly uses its Bespoke Engineered & Specifically
Tailored (BEST) method to develop customize the lighting for particular

The installation of the 112 retrofit LED lights reduced the 1.15 kW per
fixture system wattage of the original metal halide bulbs. Norbiachi says that
the project also reduced material waste associated with re-lamping and cut
maintenance costs.

“When we were looking to upgrade the facility’s indirect
lighting, energy efficiency, ease of retrofitting and the cost avoidance by
using existing fixtures were key to our decision making process,”

said Steve Durfee, Campus Energy Manager, Bucknell University.

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“As an added benefit, the coaches and athletic staff who use the
Gerhard Fieldhouse have embraced the retrofit project. They feel the light
quality and distribution has improved, and are pleased with the environmental
Durfee continued.

“We have worked on many sports facility lighting retrofit projects
and understand the specific requirements to ensure proper illumination and
safety. With our Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored manufacturing
process, we were able to deliver just that,”
said Esther M. Santos,
COO, Noribachi.