MHA Lighting Provides LED Luminaires for Birmingham NEC Skywalk

The NEC in Birmingham has completely refitted its Skywalk with LED lighting to improve the visitor experience while saving energy. MHA Lighting devised a bespoked solution for the Skywalk that would reduce energy bills while improving light quality. NEC also selected MHA Lighting to replace the traditional fluorescent lighting in their Concourse and Gallery suites with their unique LED lighting that uses wave guide technology to achieve energy savings of up to 80% with intelligent controls. 

MHA Lighting installed 144 TiLites in the Concourse and Gallery Suites and 260 bespoke RodLites above the 400m long Skywalk. The lighting scheme was designed to be match the NEC’s corporate branding and to be in-keeping with lighting finishes in other areas. The 30watt RodLites replaced 54watt T8 Tubes (58-60watts with ballast) – immediately creating energy savings of 50%.

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