METEOR Lighting Adds W+RGB to Tetriss Series of Modular, Bracketed LED Fixtures

METEOR Lighting has brought a new W+RGB lighting solution to its Tetriss Series of modular and bracketed LED fixtures. The advanced bracket system offers various mounting options. Now, with the W+RGB capability the Tetriss Series can deliver even more versatility than its predecessor. Users can configure the W+RGB Tetriss Series with any mixture of white and RGB modules on one fixture. Uniquely, the system still only needs one control system. The W+RGB Series offers both quality white light and rich, saturated color lighting for applications including lighting in multi-functional convention centers, theaters, sports arenas, and worship spaces.

METEOR Lighting W+RGB Tetriss Modular LED fixtures

METEOR Lighting W+RGB Tetriss Modular LED fixtures

The Tetriss W+RGB enables configuration of three, six, or nine modules. Each module boasts consistent high performance and efficiency. According to METEOR, the Tetriss W+RGB lets customers create lumen package and color combinations based on their needs. The company points out that usually, RGB and white light are controlled separately. METEOR says that the need for two separate control sets results in control complications and increased system cost. However, the company says that with Tetriss W+RGB, one system can control both RGB and white light seamlessly.

The Tetriss W+RGB is available with beam angle options of 15 to 60 degrees and it utilizes an aiming system that lets each three-module system to rotate 60 degrees and the entire fixture to tilt 180 degrees for easy and precise aim. The advanced mounting bracket offers flexible angle adjustment for both floodlight and hanging down mounting position.

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METEOR Lighting Tetriss W+RGB Implements Company’s Latest Cold Forging Technology

METEOR Lighting says the Tetriss W+RGB Series implements the company’s latest cold-forging technology with high heat dissipation material (30% increase in conductivity compared with the die-cast material) and improved convection design. Combined these technologies enable a single solid white module to deliver up to a 7200-lumen output and 1895 lumens for an RGB module. The company says that it improved the structural robustness and lighting performance of the W+RGB compared with the composite design of the traditional modular high bay with the incorporation of aerospace welding techniques to join each LED heat sink.

The W+RGB Tetriss lights come in a 200W, three-module version with two white modules and one RGB module, a 400W, six-module version with four white modules and two RGB modules, and a 600W and nine-module model with three RGB modules and six white modules. The six-module model is exceptionally flexible because the design allows tilting of each of the three module brackets separately. A Wet Location listing and IP65 outdoor rating, make Tetriss W+RGB suited for illuminating façade, sports stadiums, and natatoriums.