METEOR Introduces ColorFlip Tunable White Light Engine

California-based LED lighting company METEOR has launched the ColorFlip™ tunable white light engine. At correlated color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K the ColorFlip™ produces 10,000 lumens. According to METEOR, the ColorFlip offers a practical tunable white LED lighting solution provides flexible and economic lighting solution without sacrificing output power. The LED module utilizes the flip chip LED technology.

METEOR Lighting releases ColorFlip Tunable White LED light engine

METEOR Lighting releases ColorFlip Tunable White LED light engine

According to Meteor, ColorFlip offers superior heat management and boasts the lowest thermal resistance. The company says that the ColorFlip™ technology permits 70% more heat dissipation and provides higher lumen output than other LED technologies. The company also claims that the device’s proprietary control unit and driver technology makes the ColorFlip™ compatible with every existing control system. This compatibility reportedly eliminates the need for standalone control systems.

As with all of METEOR’s luminaires, the ColorFlip™ utilizes the VX Driver that completely stops flickering which can be an issue when using video recording devices.

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Field Adjustable CCT Possible with METEOR ColorFlip

Unlike conventional LED lighting, luminaires using the ColorFlip™ LED modules let designers totally control the color
temperature, even after LED lighting is installed. METEOR says that as a result of ColorFlip, field adjustable CCT is possible, and color temperature no longer needs to be selected during the planning stage.

While conventional tunable white solutions require doubling the number of LEDs to match the output of single-color lights, ColorFlip™’s novel design and proprietary control board maximizes lumen output during color tuning.  Additionally, the company says that the modules cost only about 20% more per fixture than white LEDs modules with the same maximum output.

METEOR says that uses for the ColorFlip tunable white LED modules include large-scale projects like convention centers, to multipurpose rooms in community

In September, the company will debut 4″ and 6″ cylinder and recessed downlights using the tunable white ColorFLip Modules.