MaxLite IntelliMax Networked Lighting Controls Now DLC Listed

MaxLite of West Caldwell, New Jersey reported the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) now lists the company’s intelligent wireless lighting control system, IntelliMax™, on the Networked Lighting Controls Qualified Products list. According to MaxLite, the IntelliMax control system can work with MaxLite LED luminaires to meet building codes and save energy. The energy savings comes from the lighting controls including dimming, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting. MaxLite points out that as a DLC qualified product, IntelliMax is eligible for prescriptive or custom utility rebates.

“DLC qualification enables lighting designers to specify IntelliMax with confidence and benefit from the growing number of lighting controls rebate programs across the country,” noted vice president of Product Management and Engineering Greg Galluccio. “Rebates absorb a significant portion of the up-front cost of lighting controls, and combining IntelliMax with the quality and performance of MaxLite’s DLC listed LED luminaires gives facility mangers a very cost-effective way to meet commercial energy codes, such as ASHRAE 90.1, and achieve long-term operational cost savings.”

Intellimax employs the company’s Cortet™ wireless technology, and MaxLite says the system is scalable from a single room to an entire building.

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IntelliMax System Comes with Multiple Components and Works with App

MaxLite IntelliMax System now DLC listed

The system includes the IntelliMax® Wireless Occupancy Sensor (top left) Gateway Mini Hub (bottom left), and Extender (bottom, middle, which extends the range of the control system). The system is controllable via the Intellimax app (also pictured).

The company designed the Gateway Mini Hub to offer a secure and reliable way to coordinate a wireless network of smart building devices (e.g. lights, sensors, etc.), to connect the wireless network to a Local Area Network (LAN), and to connect the wireless network to the Internet. The IntelliMax® Gateway Mini Hub contains software that can be continually updated over the Internet. The Gateway Mini Hub uses the Zigbee wireless protocol and can support all Zigbee-based IntelliMax® Certified devices. To attain the full range for the control system, the Gateway Mini Hub needs to be linked to the Ethernet and a third-party wireless router.

According to MaxLite, the ZigBee-compatible and wireless Occupancy Sensor can overcome coverage and placement challenges resulting from conventional occupancy sensors.

The wall-pluggable Extender extends the range of the control system.

The company claims that the Intellimax app makes the system simple to set up, commission, and use. The app reportedly utilizes secure and reliable ZigBee®-based mesh network protocol, allowing IntelliMax to operate independently, or connect to the cloud for robust data collection and reporting.

MaxLite concluded its news release related to the DLC listing saying it provides quick and complimentary lighting arrangements for IntelliMax control systems. The company says it also backs the IntelliMax system and MaxLite LED with warranty assurance and lifetime technical support.