Lynk Labs Introduces New Tesla AC-LED Packages

At SIL 2012, Lynk Labs introduced a family of new Tesla AC-LED packages and BriteDriver power supply/drive solutions. It also introduced a new 12V AC-LED single chip “Lamp-On-ChipTM” technology. Lynk Labs reports that it has integrated its Tesla AC LED technology at the LED chip level. The Tesla™ AC LED product line is a family of AC LED packages that incorporate Lynk Labs’ patented AC LED technology in low voltage AC (12-24Vac) and high voltage AC (100-240Vac) referred to as High Vf which is typically rectified mains AC voltage at 100V-240V. Lynk Labs says that its Tesla LEDs deliver a totally integrated AC LED solution in a single array or SMT LED package for simple, rapid lighting design.

Lynk Labs claims that Tesla AC LEDs can be easily scaled in 12VAC increments and designed into 12VAC – 277VAC lighting applications. The AC LEDs come in CCT’s of 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6300K with a standard CRI of 80 and High CRI in all CCT’s for special orders. The Tesla family of AC LEDs are available in low and high power packages for direct AC power source lighting applications. The packages range from 0.5W-7W in 12 to 120 Vac with other implementations up to 20 watts and 240Vac single packages planned to follow.

Lynk Labs AC LED technology, product designers and engineers can now deliver LED lighting products that are Lighting Infrastructure Friendly and better understood by architects, contractors, reps, distributors and End Customers having existing experience today in lighting.

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