Lynk Labs Expands IP Licensing and Enforcement Efforts

Elgin, Illionois-based LED lighting technology company Lynk Labs reports that it is expanding its focus on licensing its LED technology and enforcing its intellectual property rights. To support this plan, Lynk has formed the Lynk IP Asset Management LLC to support licensees, enforce IP rights, and manage the proper use of Lynks’ growing LED lighting technology patent portfolio.

In an effort to build out this initiative, Lynk hired Paul Kallmes, an IP expert and the licensing executive responsible for starting the Color Kinetics patent licensing program. According to Lynk Labs, Philips purchased that portfolio in 2007 and today it has over 800 licensees.

“Paul is the best person we could have hired to launch an industry-wide campaign. He will be focused on enabling continued industry growth using Lynk IP via a proactive licensing program around our patent portfolio,” said Mike Miskin, CEO of Lynk Labs.

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“It’s exciting to see that since starting back at CK in 2005, Philips has now grown that portfolio into the most successful licensing program in the industry. Since then, I have not seen any other patent portfolios with such far-reaching, high-volume coverage in multiple market segments as the Lynk Labs portfolio. I’m eager to get started building long-term, beneficial partnerships with our licensees,” said Paul Kallmes, Director of IP Licensing at Lynk Labs & Lynk IP Asset Management.

Paul said, “A high volume of various LED lighting products are being sold today using Lynk patents. These products are either being imported or exported (in most cases from China) and sold through major retailers and lighting distribution centers where Lynk has issued and pending patents such as the US, Canada, Europe and more.”

Paul stated that these products using Lynk patent-based technology are being sold by many firms, including some of the largest US and international LED lighting manufacturers and retailers.

Paul Asserts Many Products Use Unlicensed IP From Lynk Labs

However, Paul pointed out, “Many of these products are using unlicensed IP from Lynk. Factory direct from China via online retailers and local sales channels is making even the largest of lighting companies wonder what the future holds. “

Paul said, “Lynk IP is being used today in some of the highest volume applications including LED fluorescent replacement tubes, PL lamps, MR lamps, A-lamps and other lamps, down lights, track systems, pendants, drivers, Driver on Board “DoB” modules and much more. “

Paul explained, “Lynk has invested a substantial amount of capital building out its patent assets over the years with no intent to make them available for free. My goal is to ensure we work with the industry towards a proactive and mutually beneficial outcome,” said Paul.

Mike Miskin, CEO of Lynk Labs sees IP licensing as a lucrative potential revenue source for the company. “Today, Lynk Labs’ core business has primarily centered around supplying its technology in the form of LED components and drivers to Lighting OEMs. However, since Lynks’ patents reach far beyond its current revenue source (having IP at the system level, and components within including packages, modules, and drivers), there is a substantial amount of untapped revenue opportunity for the company,” Mike said.

Mike pointed to the breadth and depth of the company’s patent portfolio, and explained the company’s need to protect it. “With almost 60 pending and issued patents in our portfolio, we have an obligation to act and protect our shareholders, and licensing partners. Our technology and IP is now established and being used in a high-growth, valuable share of the market. So, the IP must be respected and treated fairly in return for the financial gains it’s delivering to its users, many of which will need a license to continue its use,” Mike said.