Lumitronix Launches Flexible LED Light Strips with Seoul’s SunLike LEDs

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. reported that the company supplied the “SunLike” LEDs to Lumitronix, the LED company located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In cooperation with Seoul Semiconductor, Lumitronix has created three optimal SunLike modules to give customers a standardized solution and expand its adoption in the lighting market.

Lumitronix Introduced Three Modules with Seoul’s SunLike LEDs

Lumitronix introduced three flexible, linear, LED modules using Seoul's SunLike Series LEDs.

Two of the LED modules comply with the standard of Zhaga, a global association of lighting companies, for Book 7 L56W2 and Book 7 L28W2. And Lumitronix says that the modules enable easy replacement in various industrial applications. The modules named LinearZ are available in one-foot and two-foot lengths. The model LinearZ 280-26 measures 280 mm and uses 26 SunLike LEDs. The LinearZ 280-26 has a light output of up to 700 lm.

Luxeon High Power

The LinearZ 560-52 module, which contains 52 SunLike LEDs, is twice as long at 560 mm and delivers a light output of up to 1400 lm. Both modules allow connection without soldering, and their operation does not require any additional cooling. The LinearZ SunLike modules can be purchased in all available color temperatures.

The third product Lumitronix released, the LumiFlex 700 Professional SunLike, comes in a flexible strip that measures 5 meters in length and uses 700 SunLike LEDs. The module delivers a light output of up to 1798 lm per meter. In addition, the LED module can be split every 50 mm. The built-in linear control ensures consistent brightness over the entire length. The flexible ribbon has double-sided, heat-conducting adhesive tape that makes installation easy and additional cooling unnecessary. Seoul’s binning assures a uniform white light. The LumiFlex Professional Sunlike LED strip comes in all color temperatures.

SunLike LEDs Use TRI-R Phosphor

SunLike is an advanced light source that combines the optical and compound semiconductor technology of Seoul Semiconductor and TRI-R technology. TRI-R, a Toshiba Materials registered trademark, is a phosphor that produces the sun-mimicking light emission spectrum from a purple LED. Seoul says that TRI-R phosphor lowers the blue light peak of the spectrum similar to sunlight spectrum and helps ease eye strain. The company also claims that the spectrum of light output helps maintain stable human circadian rhythms, and enhance the color clarity of objects.

Seoul Semiconductor says that global lighting brands in Korea, US, China, and Japan, as well as Europe have adopted its SunLike Series LEDs for home lighting, smart desk stands and lamps, high-end lighting for offices, hotels, museums, and the cosmetic sector.