Luminaire Testing Firm LUX-TSI Named Cree LED Solution Provider

LUX-TSI, a luminaire testing service provider based in Bridgend, Wales UK, reports that it has become a Cree LED solution provider. And LUX-TSI has also entered into an agreement with Envisionlight ( to act as sales and engineering partner for North America. From its UK lab, the company offers luminaire testing services that can support customers in UK, Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

The company offers luminaire testing based upon specific testing programs previously supported from Cree. The company also says that its testing has become a widely industry recognized quality assurance scheme for LED lighting. The testing service company asserts that both agreements strengthen its position as a trusted and independent, accredited authority on LED and lighting testing and compliance for European and global markets.

Dr Gareth Jones, CEO of LUX-TSI commented “Our approach to global market access will be more effective with the marketing support from leading solid-state lighting providers like Cree. The sales and engineering partnership with Envisionlight provides an expansion of the service offering of LUX-TSI into North American and supports the extension of the service offering of Envisionlight into the UK.”

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Envisionlight founder and president Mark Wedell said, “LUX-TSI are experts in LED lighting testing globally while Envisionlight has significant experience in LED lighting product design and analysis globally for decades. In addition, LUX-TSI has a well-established European client base and Envisionlight has a well-established North American client base. Both companies have extensive resources in global design and testing.”

Wedell added, “LUX-TSI has a major advantage in technical service and global compliance testing while Envisionlight has a major advantage in high-speed delivery of technical, multi-disciplines such as industrial, mechanical, electrical, software, optical, thermal & structural engineering. This way our North American clients can bring their product to Europe and the LUX-TSI clients can bring their products to North America. We see this as a win-win for everyone.”