Lumileds Supplies LED Arrays for Legrand Tunable White Solutions

Legrand, North & Central America and Lumileds of San Jose, California USA, announced a partnership agreement to offer a plug and play solution for tunable-white light. Under this agreement, Lumileds will provide intelligent Luxeon LED-based light sources through its Matrix Platform. Lumileds uniquely characterized and programmed these LED light sources to work with Legrand’s Wattstopper® blanco® tunable-white logic modules in Legrand’s Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) lighting controls solution. Lumileds joins existing Legrand partnerships as the exclusive LED array provider for of the tunable-white light engines.

“The lighting industry is beginning the transition from providing only static white light to enabling dynamic end-user selectable color temperature solutions as a subset of what is becoming possible with intelligent and human-centric lighting fixtures and controls,” said Steve Barlow, SVP and general manager of Lumileds Illumination Business. “We are very excited about the partnership with Legrand and their capability to advance the adoption of tunable lighting. Our joint commitment is to optimize the customer experience by offering perfect fixture-to-fixture color matching over a wide CCT range through simple, seamless integration of light sources into fixtures that interface with Wattstopper tunable white modules and their lighting controls.”

The partnership, combines expertise in LED light sources, drivers, and controls, with the blanco intellectual property from Lumenetix, Inc. Together the partners intend to develop market-ready tunable-white solutions for a range of applications including the commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and education market segments.

Luxeon High Power

Legrand Offers Blanco 2 and Blanco 3 Solutions

Legrand’s Wattstopper Blanco 2, a two-channel LED light engine, provides high-quality light with a tunable range of 3000K-5000K. Blanco 3 features a tunable range of 2700K-6500K, and operates as a three-channel LED light engine that can adjust correlated color temperatures precisely along the blackbody locus to mimick natural daylight.

Lumileds developed the dedicated Luxeon LED arrays that connect to the Blanco logic modules. The arrays employ the company’s Luxeon LED-based Matrix Platform. The arrays come in a wide assortment of Zhaga-compliant linear or custom form factors to satisfy the requirements of lighting fixture producers. Both Blanco light engines provide white light with a color rendering index (CRI) and TM-30 fidelity index of at least 90. Also, both solutions provide flicker-free dimming from 100% down to just 0.1%.

“Legrand’s collaboration with partners like Lumileds, as a leader in the LED industry, is essential in the adoption of dynamic lighting control,” said Andrew Wale, VP product marketing at Legrand. “As high-performance buildings” shift their focus towards a total building performance model, occupant comfort and productivity become paramount. Tunable lighting, as part of this shift and a dynamic lighting control strategy, plays a key role. But its potential is only realized when quality of light can be delivered from an end-to-end solution that integrates lighting source, fixture, and controls with ease of system design, install, commissioning, and first use.”