LumenFocus Adds Two Luminaires to FormFocus Line

LumenFocus recently added the FFL2R and the FFL2R HO luminaires to the FormFocus line. The company created the FFL2R for offices, retail settings, classrooms, and healthcare facilities. The FFL2R, which comes in 2×2 and 2×4 options, can operate with efficiencies as high as and even above 150 lumens per watt. Lumen outputs for the FFL2R range from about 2,200 lumens up to almost 9,600 lumens.

While nearly identical in appearance to the FFL2R, the FFL2R HO (“High Output”) serves as a recessed high bay that LumenFocus developed for high elevation grid ceilings or other applications that need a recessed lumen with high lumen output. Output for the HO version ranges from 6,000 lumens in the 2×2 LW (Low output) package up to over 18,000 lumens in the 2×4 VH (Very High output) model. The company says that even at high output, the HO offers efficacies up to 133 lumens per watt.

LumenFocus FFL2Rs installed in conference room

LumenFocus 2×2 FFL2Rs installed in conference room

Both the FFL2R and its high output equivalent feature two rows of highly efficient LED boards, that frosted acrylic diffusers shield. LumenFocus says it optimized the FFL2R luminaires to balance efficiency and aesthetics.

Luxeon High Power

The sleek design boasts a low profile and lightweight housing that the company claims is easy to handle in the field. The FFL2R and the HO have projected L70 lifetimes of more than 95,000 hours. Both luminaires come with 0-10V dimming drivers standard and are available in 80 CRI with correlated color temperatures of 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. Also, each unit is available in universal voltage or 347V. Cords, emergency packs, whips, and step dimming sensors are all optional.

The company points out that lighting designers can further maximize energy savings with the optional Philips EasySense sensor, which offers occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and task tuning in one device. The EasySense sensor is installed on the luminaire, thereby eliminating the need for wiring outside the fixtures in the ceiling. A smartphone with the EasySense app can easily configure the sensors from the floor, according to Lumen Focus.

Universal Lighting Technologies’ Everline brand of LED boards and drivers power the entire FormFocus product line including the new FFL2R and the FFL2R HO luminaires. LumenFocus asserts that ULT’s light engines are among the best and most efficient available.

Both LumenFocus FFL2R and FFL2R HO Reboardable

Every FormFocus luminaire employs the LumenFocus strategy of making the LED boards and drivers future proof by making all of them reboardable in just a few minutes. This way, customers can upgrade their boards and drivers to maximize efficiency. As part of this reboardablity strategy, LumenFocus designed the luminaires to give customers easy access to remove and upgrade boards and drivers. This easy access is also helpful in the rare event of a failure in the field.

LumenFocus backs each of the FormFocus luminaires with a five-year limited system warranty. Also, both the FFL2R and the FFL2R HO luminaires are UL 1598 listed for US and Canada. The DesignLights Consortium Qualified Product List offers specific configurations of each.