L’Oréal Academy in Jakarta Gets Soraa LED Lighting for Classrooms

LED lighting firm Soraa reported that it is working with cosmetics and hair care firm, L’Oréal. At the L’Oréal Academy in Jakarta, Indonesia, they train beauty professionals to be industry trendsetters. The Academy inspires hairdressers with innovation and understanding of local expectations. For this reason, the L’Oréal Academy classrooms need lighting that ensures that colors are accurately rendered.

Soraa supplies LED lighting for Loreal Academy in Jakarta

Soraa supplies LED lighting for L’Oréal Academy in Jakarta

Interior designer Jenny Kartika Harto from Iconic Interior Design guided the Academy to lighting designer Lenny Pariyanto of LITO Special Lighting Consultants. Pariyanto selected Soraa to illuminate the classrooms. The classrooms reveal a modern aesthetic with sleek furniture and floors in black and white. However, the displays and cabinets show a full spectrum of color. Additionally, the students need to be able to accurately see their clients and then help them get closer to their hair and beauty aspirations.

Soraa Technologies Help Accurately Render Colors and Whites at L’Oréal Academy

According to Soraa, the company’s VIVID Color™ technology accurately and attractively renders stylists’ hair products and the customers’ hair. The company’s VIVID Color™ technology utilizes all the colors of the visible spectrum to achieve a color rendering index (CRI) of 95 and a deep red (R9) rendering of 95. Soraa’s LED lamps also feature its Natural White™ technology that Soraa says can render infinite shades of white exposing warm, rich hues and cool bright whites with accuracy.

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“In an environment where lighting is critical, requiring high color rendering, Soraa was the perfect fit,” said Lenny Pariyanto. “Soraa lamps enable L’Oréal hairdressers to confidently select the truest color for their customers.”

“The L’Oréal brand is known worldwide, and as such, Academy students and customers expect world-leading training and experience in our classrooms and salons. Soraa’s lighting has helped us create an atmosphere that our students have come to appreciate and rely on in our new modern facility,” said Queentia Tampubolon, Brand General Manager L’Oréal Professionnel Indonesia. “Not only does the lighting draw the customers and students to L’Oréal’s vibrant products, it also creates the perfect atmosphere for students to be inspired.”