Location-based Data Firm, Spatial DNA Joins Acuity’s Atrius IoT Partner Program

Acuity Brands, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia USA, reported that Spatial DNA Informatics Inc. joined the Atrius(TM) IoT Partner program. Under the partner program, Spatial DNA will use location-based data from Atrius Platform Services and AtriusTM-Ready Sensory Networks to build mobile applications for enterprise workflows and indoor navigation.

Spatial DNA will integrate data from clients using the Atrius Platform Services. Then its PeopleFlow and AssetFlow Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform will present unique insights derived from the data.

Atrius Platform Services include: Atrius Navigator, an indoor positioning SaaS with a software development kit (SDK); Atrius Spaces, a SaaS for spatial utilization; and Atrius Insights, a SaaS for spatial analytics; Atrius Spaces and Atrius Insights also offer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Spatial DNA holds expertise in location intelligence and how it can be implemented to generate new insights for a business from existing enterprise systems. The company can reportedly integrate location-based IoT sensor data into enterprise systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

Spatial DNA Uses PeopleFlow | Asset Flow SaaS Platform

Spatial DNA also leverages its PeopleFlow | AssetFlow SaaS platform to achieve an end-to-end, real-time-locating service (RTLS) and provide location analytics for client location-based service deployments. The company serves clients across North America ranging from retail operations and production to commercial real estate operations.

“Competing in today’s digitally-driven environment demands increased responsiveness. Improved visitor experiences and operational efficiencies can be optimized to address that requirement with location-based data and intelligence,” said Michael Healander, vice president of Business Development, Acuity Brands Lighting. “As an Atrius IoT Partner, Spatial DNA will provide extended location-based business intelligence for new and existing customers across retail, aviation, wholesale and other industries by leveraging an Atrius-Ready energy efficient infrastructure.”

“The Atrius Sensory Network is a key enabler allowing us to fuse data and technologies from LED lighting into the PeopleFlow | AssetFlow SaaS platform,” Todd Lewis, president and CEO, Spatial DNA said. “There is a strong business case to improve operations and utilities management for larger entities using LED-based solutions. Incorporating data from Atrius Platform Services and Atrius-Ready Sensory Networks into our platform will deliver new insight to help identify usage trends and patterns within indoor spaces.”