Litecool LineX LED module Provides 3000-lm Linear Lighting

Litecool Inc. of Sheffield, UK, reported that its LineX modules offer 3000
lumens at 135 lm/Watt. The company says that the LineX modules’ performance
enables more high powered lighting applications with maximum reliability.

According to Litecool, the LineX module is ideal for a wide range linear
lighting applications in retail, architecture, and industry. Litecool uses the
company’s proprietary thermal packaging around Intematix remote phosphor
technology. LineX modules that are 4000K, have an Ra 90 and operate at 135
lumens per watt. The remote phosphor technology from Intematix produces a
uniform lighting effect with no hot spots or color variance.

“LineX modules enable luminaire manufactures to produce a new
generation of lighting fixtures for high lumen output applications,”

said James Reeves, Litecool CEO, “Not only are they exceptionally
bright, but they are also very uniform in appearance and combined with our
thermal engineering can create miniature form factors helping luminaire
manufactures reduce bill of material costs across the entire

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Litecool’s Linex modules now come in 5000, 4000, 3500, 3000, and 2500K
corrected color temperatures (CCTs) and in standard lengths of 1000, 600, and