Lighting Science’s New Biologically Beneficial LED Products Produce Stronger Physiolgical Impacts and Operate More Efficiently

Lighting Science® of West Warwick, Rhoad Island USA, launched its improved line of biologically beneficial LED products that deliver stronger physiological impacts with increased energy efficiency. Lighting Science says that its experts, which first brought circadian lighting to the International Space Station, have been leaders in the science of sleep for 30 years.

The upgraded GoodDay® A19, GoodNight® A19, and Sleepy Baby® bulbs, along with the newly introduced GoodDay® T8 Linear and GoodDay® LBar™, now feature higher color rendering, and meet Energy Star standards for efficiency. In addition, the company contends that they offer enhanced biological effects such as improved productivity, performance, and revitalization using proprietary spectrum technology.

Lighting Science GoodDay T8 Tube

Lighting Science GoodDay T8 Tube

“LED lighting technology is always evolving,” said Khim Lee, president of Lighting Science. “At Lighting Science, we are committed to creating thoughtful, top-performing human-centric products. We bring together the best of biological lighting technology with the energy efficiency of LEDs to create compelling yet simple solutions for a healthy environment.”

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In recent years Lighting Science has focused its R&D activities on health, wellness and performance-enhancing lighting for consumer and commercial use.

Schools, Homes and Offices Implemented GoodDay Lamps and T8 Tubes

The company says that schools, homes, and offices around the country have implemented Lighting Science’s GoodDay lamps. These lighting products have helped Markon Solutions reach WELL Certification at their office in Falls Church, Virginia. The products have also improved student alertness at Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, Virginia and enhanced the sustainable and wellness-focused atmosphere at The Nature Conservancy offices in Brunswick, Maine.

Now, with the launch of the Lighting Science’s GoodDay LBar and GoodDay T8, the company is expanding its reach into commercial spaces including hospitals, gyms, and corporate offices. Additionally, Lighting Science plans to release a desktop consumer light with both GoodDay and GoodNight spectrums, in the coming months. Other planned products include GoodDay/GoodNight tunable troffers and downlights for both commercial and home use.

“This science has been around for a while, and now the public is interested in implementing these developments as part of an overall healthy lifestyle,” said Fred Maxik, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Lighting Science.

Lighting Science says its next generation of products will help purify the air we breathe. Additionally, the company says that its next generation of products will support efforts to create a more productive workforce, contribute to the construction of smarter classrooms, and employ indoor agricultural lighting technology to assist in meeting the demands of the global food economy.