Lighting Science Launches Bedside Lamps that Promote Healthy Sleep Patterns

Lighting Science®, the LED lighting company that previously introduced the GoodDay® and GoodNight® A19 bulbs and that utilize the latest research about circadian neuroscience, launched a new line of consumer lamps. These new lamps employ the company’s proprietary sleep spectrum technology to create a calming, sleep-promoting environment for both adults and children.

Lighting Science introduces GoodNight bedside lamp

Lighting Science introduces GoodNight bedside lamp

The GoodNight® lamp minimizes blue-light spectrum, which is known to disrupt sleep. Such sleep-disrupting blue light does not just come from general light sources. It also comes from televisions, cell phones, and other technologies rarely even thought of as light sources. According to Lighting Science, GoodNight’s patented spectrum technology lets the body naturally settle in preparation for sleep. Additionally, the company says it promotes a deep and restful sleep and helps sustain the body’s natural circadian rhythm. The company says claims that the GoodNight lamp delivers a pleasant, warm light with high color rendering in a modern fixture. Furthermore, the Lighting Science says that the lamp’s contemporary style fits virtually any interior space.

Lighting Science Sleepy Baby® Nursery Lamp Also Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns

Similarly, the Sleepy Baby® Nursery Lamp promotes the development of healthy sleep and wake patterns in infants and children. Helping them fall asleep sooner, stay asleep longer, and fall back to sleep quicker if they should awaken during the night. The colorful lamp featuring a light-hearted elephant illustration serves as a healthy and fun addition to any child’s bedroom, according to Lighting Science.

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“I created the Sleepy Baby technology with my own children in mind to help them achieve a more restful sleep at night,” said Lighting Science founder and Chief Technology Officer, Fred Maxik. “A good night’s sleep has been proven to be imperative for proper circadian development, fostering good mental and emotional stability, and promoting healing and alertness. We’re thrilled to be able to offer parents a proven bedtime solution that works for them and their children.”