Lighting Science Debuts A+ LEDs and Dynaspectrum Platform

San Diego-based Lighting Science has unveiled the Series A+ LED lamps.

Lighting Science Series A+ lampLighting Science Series A+ lampThe Series A+ lamps boast a 97+ CRI. According to Lighting Science, the Series A+ lamps provide high color saturation, vivid definition or directional highlights and are perfect for commercial and retail environments such as hotels, restaurants and even galleries and museums.The Series A+ lamps feature high color rendering that can be programmed to bring out specific colors in any setting. According to Lighting Science, the Series A+ lamps give lighting designers a new set of tools that offer better control over mastering the built environment.

“The Series A+™ product was designed to provide the state of the art in light delivery,” stated Lighting Science CTO Fred Maxik. “By utilizing next-generation LEDs, these lamps deliver astounding color accuracy and efficiency—surpassing any current industry standards. The proprietary integrated power supply was designed to amplify dimming performance and compatibility. Additionally, the precision optical design combined with an innovative but designer-friendly lamp form feature allows for a diverse range of beam angles and the unique ability to modify that beam in the field.”

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Lighting Science also unveiled the patented Genesis Dynaspectrum™, a commercial luminaire that the company designed to improve the user’s health and productivity. The spectrum of the Genesis luminaire mimics daylight and twilight to regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythm 24/7. The lamp dynamically charges, with or without user interaction. between Lighting Science’s biological LED spectrums, GoodDay™ – to enhance your natural energy and focus – and GoodNight™ – to promote a healthy and restorative sleep.

Lighting Science Genesis luminaire with DynaSpectrum light engine

Lighting Science Genesis luminaire with Dynaspectrum light engine

“Beware of the imitators who claim to achieve health & wellness, sleep, and productivity benefits using old fashioned ‘color temperature’ shifting methods,” says Maxik. “Our new Genesis platform and its DynaSpectrum™ light engine is the first all-in-one HealthE™ lighting solution in the world. DynaSpectrum™ allows us to deliver a biologically-optimized spectrum of light for every time of the day – on demand.” 

The Genesis makes for the ideal bedside table lamp or desk light. On-board sensors monitor local air quality to warn of air contaminants and allergens. The unit comes with multiple control options including an easy, app-based color/spectrum setting. It can also be switched to auto-mode to sync GoodDay™ and GoodNight™ spectrums to your local time anywhere in the world.

The company says that NASA is installing a customized version of the Genesis Dynaspectrum luminaire on the International Space Station, where astronauts experience 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours.