Lighting of University of Chester Buildings Upgraded with Luceco LED Lighting

Luceco Lighting Ltd., has provided a cost-effective, energy-saving LED lighting solution for three prominent buildings at the Parkgate Road Campus of the University of Chester. The University’s Parkgate Road Campus one of its six campuses, spans 32 acres and features a mix of buildings dating back to 1839. Many of the University’s central services and facilities are located at the Parkgate Road Campus in addition to sports facilities, as well as science and language laboratories.

William Gladstone and the Earl of Derby founded the University of Chester. It is one of the oldest English higher education institutions. It pre-dates all but Oxford, Cambridge, London, and Durham.

The lighting design had to reduce the energy consumption of three major buildings, the Best Building, Westminster Building, and Chritchley Building. Furthermore, the lighting had to pay for itself within five years. The lighting upgrade program was funded through the Salix Finance. Established in 2004, Salix Finance Ltd offers 100% interest-free loans to the public sector for projects to improve their energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Luxeon High Power

Luminaires Used for Lighting Upgrade

Luceco Lighting upgrade at University of Chester

Luceco upgrades lighting at University of Chester

The University of Chester installed over 750 LuxPanel luminaires into many areas including lecture theaters, seminar rooms, offices, and laboratories. According to Luceco, the LuxPanels show no visible frame when installed in the ceiling grid and operate very efficiently while delivering 13 percent extra visible light compared with other LED panel luminaires. The LuxPanels come with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers and are available with standard fixed output, dimmable, and emergency options. They boast efficacy of up to 152 lumens per watt.


Notably, illuminating confined spaces such as corridors requires high uniformity luminaires. Also, the use of LED flat panels prevents the intrusion of the luminaire into what is often a small space with large amounts of traffic. The University installed over 200 Circular LuxPanels, mainly in circulation areas and restroom facilities. The Circular, slim framed LuxPanels boast excellent luminous uniformity, and Luceco can supply them standard, with emergency packs or with dimmable remote drivers in 240, 180, 150 and 120mm sizes.

Transit Areas

Other luminaires installed in transit areas included the Atlas Bulkhead. The Atlas luminaires offered an alternative to traditional 28- and 38-watt 2D compact fluorescent fittings. Selected Atlas luminaires were fitted with an integral microwave sensor. With the corridor function selected, when the sensor shows that the space is unoccupied, the driver adjusts the light level down to 10% of the standard level.

Breakout Areas and Landings

The University also installed Platinum LED Downlights in breakout areas and landings. Luceco designed the Platinum Downlights to retrofit ceiling cutouts. These downlights consume 80 percent less electricity and offer easy-fit, positive locating swing out tabs and interchangeable bezel options.

Other Circulation Areas, Corridors, and Offices

Further circulation areas, corridors, and offices were lit with Academy luminaires that replaced linear fluorescents. Like the LuxPanel, Platinum, and Atlas fittings, the Academy luminaires offer 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. As with the Atlas, some of the Academy luminaires were also fitted with an integral microwave sensor to check for occupancy and dim the lights down to down to 10 percent of the standard level when the corridors were not used.

Additionally, Titan High Bays with prismatic diffusers were installed in atrium areas. Thes high bays provide high efficacy and instant light, unlike traditional HID fittings.

Sports Hall Lighting Replacement

Luceco supplied LED lighting for upgrade of University of Chester Sports Hall.

Luceco supplied LED lighting for upgrade of University of Chester Sports Hall.

Replacing the lighting for the Sports Hall required compliance to Sport England guidelines.  For the Sports Hall, the University selected LuxBay luminaires from Luceco.

The Best Building, Westminster Building, and Chritchley Building now demonstrate a reduction in energy consumption for lighting of over 66 percent as a result of the LED lighting upgrade program. Moreover, maintenance on lighting was substantially reduced due to the very long lifetimes of LEDs.

Lighting Upgrades of Other Buildings Followed

Due to the success of these first three buildings, the University of Chester also refurbished the lighting at buildings at the Riverside Campus housing the Faculty of Health and Social Care. Other lighting upgrade sites include the Warrington Campus, originally a camp for Canadian officers in WW2, now the home of the North-West Media Centre and the training ground for the rugby league team The Warrington Wolves.