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Lighting Companies Looking for Leads Need Look No Further: Delivers Companies Interested In Your Products

Innovative Website Offers Marketers Huge Advantage in Uncovering Timely Buyers

Palatine, Illinois USA–Finding out when someone is interested in purchasing a B2B product like lighting has always been difficult. Even the purchasing cycle can be a year or more for such a specified category. The biggest obstacle, however, has always been finding out too late or not finding out at all that there is an interest – an obstacle which may be a thing of the past, thanks to a new, powerful service.

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MarketNet Associates LLC, the Palatine-based e-commerce and marketing company is now offering immediate access to a service for lighting companies who are trying to find out where interest for their lighting products or services is before an actual sales inquiry is generated.

Called Web Deep Dive (, the new portal offers lighting marketers the names of companies who have been consuming specific types of content in the lighting category, thereby providing lighting marketers with the earliest of interest detection: BEFORE the web browser makes the inquiry for the purchase.

“Imagine knowing ahead of time someone is looking your product category over,” Bernadette Hewlett, MarketNet’s General Manager, says. “Web Deep Dive is this solution because you can find out names of companies BEFORE they express an interest in your product.”

Hewlett alludes to the fact that 70% of people or more do their research online these days before they ask a company for information. During that research, purchasers often draw their own conclusions, which may or may not be what the manufacturer wants them to conclude.

“We all know that some people do their research and NEVER contact a manufacturer. This service changes the equation,” she adds.

For a limited time, anyone can download lists of companies consuming lighting or any of the other 19 categories offered at While the lists of companies being offered are more than 60 -90 days old (in other words, have consumed the content 60 to 90 days ago), that doesn’t take away their real value.

“People making decisions on considered purchases need and take time,” Hewlett says. “We’re making this offer so people can test the list quality, and then move onto purchasing more current data (within the last few days), which our account managers will explain.”

Web Deep Dive ( is simple and easy to use, and for providing your name and e-mail, users can take one download per day in a category of their choice. Including lighting, there are 19 categories the user can select from:

Building Automation Fire/Life Safety Lighting
Communications Flooring Plumbing & Washrooms
Doors & Hardware Furniture Roofing
Energy Management Grounds Security
Envelope and Structural HVAC Tools, Services & Software
Facility Management Janitorial Vertical Transportation


Readers can also specify a search (i.e., LED Lighting) or one of the many sub-categories. “It’s a great way to test out what people are looking for in terms of content, and about the best way I know of to find out about interest people have before they even express it.”

For more information on Web Deep Dive, go to, or call Ray Szydzik, Director of Sales at 847-358-6884.

About MarketNet Associates

MarketNet Associates is a leader in Expediting Fulfillment Programs and efficient E-Commerce platforms. MarketNet’s fulfillment puts the human touch on fulfillment, the results are effective back-end selling. The company has the ability and capacity to design an E-commerce product site, promote it and sell it. For over ten years, the company has been selling products successfully online. MarketNet is a full service company designed to take your product to markets all over the world. For information, contact: or call 847-358-6884.

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