Leviton Debuts Wireless Room Controller System and App

Leviton, a maker of dimmers and lighting control systems, announced the development of the new Wireless Room Controller System and App. The company says that its Wireless Room Controller System is the first and only system available that is compatible with Philips InstantFit LED lamps integrated with EasySmart technology.

Leviton Launches Wireless Room Controller System and App

Leviton Launches Wireless Room Controller System and App

The system’s controls include keypad room controllers, wireless occupancy sensors, and a wireless photocell. These controls reportedly enable LED dimming and control retrofits without having to change the wiring of fixtures.

The keypad room controller wirelessly interacts and coordinates through a mesh network. It works with all connected Lumina RF devices and EasySmart equipped LED lamps. According to Leviton, setup and configuration only requires the Leviton App on a smart iOS or Android device. This keypad room controller (DLDNK) comes in 1, 2, 4 or 8-button models and serves as the primary user interface with dimming and scene control. The keypad can also serve as a remote keypad for 3-way switching applications and customized operation.

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Wireless occupancy sensors (ZSC04/ZSC15) directly control the loads and can be configured for vacancy (manual-ON/auto-OFF) or occupancy (auto-ON/auto-OFF) sensing. The wireless photocell (LURPC) detects ambient light levels and maintains the daylighting target level for areas receiving ample ambient lighting.

The system can work with the recently-introduced InstantFit LED lamps with EasySmart technology that enable dimming from a simple lamp replacement without having to replace current ballasts or requiring complicated rewiring. Philips Lighting’s EasySmart technology wirelessly connects the lamps with the keypad room controller and allows dimming based on daylight harvesting or user preference settings.

“Leviton is excited to offer the first wireless controls that are compatible with the Philips EasySmart technology,” said Richard Westfall, vice president and general manager of Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation. “Together, Leviton and Philips Lighting are making product selection and installation simple for commercial users who want to retrofit their lighting system.”

Bertrand Vandewiele, LED product marketing lead at Philips Lighting, commented, “Our EasySmart technology, in coordination with the Leviton Wireless Room Controller System, is a perfect example to demonstrate that intelligent, connected lighting and simple programming and installation do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

The Wireless Room Controller System meets ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, and Title 24 requirements for space/area control, dimming, occupancy sensing (auto-ON/auto-OFF), vacancy sensing (manual-ON/auto-OFF), automatic shutoff, and multi-zone daylighting.

For more about the Wireless Room Controller System, visit www.leviton.com/philipseasysmart.