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LEDtronics LED Ballast-Ready/Dual Mode Tube Lights Work with or without a Ballast

LEDtronics® announces our brand new DLC-Listed LED T8 Ballast-Ready/Dual Mode Tube Lights! These unique “Dual Mode” tubes work with or without a ballast!

LEDtronics always recommends doing a simple, one-time ballast bypass when first installing our LED lighting in order to gain the true energy and money savings obtained from our superior quality products.

Luxeon High Power

However, we understand the need for Ballast-Ready products. LEDtronics is the true Solutions Provider of the LED industry, so we have the answer with our LED48T8BR series “Dual Mode” LED T8 Tube Lights. There’s no need for a ballast bypass when installing! All it takes is an easy direct retrofit into an existing 4-ft Fluorescent T8 fixture with an electronic ballast, and it’s ready to go!

Adding to that, when the ballasts do go out (which they will), you can bypass the ballasts! There’s no need to purchase new ballasts!

LEDtronics DLC-Listed Dual Mode LED Tubes consume only…

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