LEDtronics Introduces New Accent Lighting Bulb

LEDtronics, an LED product maker in Torrance, California USA, has introduced
its T-10 LED Showcase, Art and Picture Lamp. According to the company, the T-10
is designed to provide lighting for pictures, frames, artwork, showcases, security
passageways, desk lamps, exit signs, paintings, and museums. Because they give
off very little heat, the lights can accent or showcase a particular object
without having to worry about color fading of the object on display caused by
exposure of conventional lights over time. At a mere 2 watts of power, the LED
lamps can replace the average 25 watt conventional T-10 bulb. The company says
that in 3000K warm white colors, the bulb provides 98 total lumens, 115cd (foot
candles), at a 40° angle. At 8000K cool white models produce 192 lumens.
They are available at 15° and 30° lighting angles and provide 768cd
and 379cd respectively. The company also has come out with a 6000K cool white
model that shines 264cd, 192 lumens, at a 45° beam angle. Company
News Release