LED Lighting Makers Adopt Seoul Semiconductors SunLike Series

Since Seoul Semiconductor debuted its SunLike Series LEDs at the end of June 2017, several LED lighting firms have adopted the novel LEDs for certain products. The company contends that the SunLike Series closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight. (Ref: Coverage).

The SunLike Series uses a violet-emitting chip and a Toshiba Materials Tri-R phosphor to produce white light with a spectrum that closely mimicks sunlight.

Seoul Held Symposium About Effect of Lighting on Health and Circadian Rhythms

Earlier in the year, Seoul Semiconductor held a symposium about the effect of lighting on health and circadian rhythms.  At the symposium, the company extolled the virtues of sun-mimicking LEDs and pointed out the potential eye safety and health issues especially related to blue light. (Ref: Coverage). Seoul’s solution was to develop a LED with full spectrum emission like sunlight.

Luxeon High Power

“The global lighting market has been focused on energy savings since before the advent of the LED. The SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs offer a new vector of innovation, allowing natural color and texture rendition and potential health benefits,” explained Mark McClear, Seoul Semiconductor executive vice president for North America. “The quality of light achieved by the SunLike Series LEDs represents a revolution in LED lighting, opening a new era of natural spectrum, human-centric lighting.”

Several LED lighting firms have selected Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series LEDs both for its ability to mimic natural light and their more healthy spectrum of light output.

Seoul Semiconductor -- SunLike Series design wins

LED Lighting Firms Adopt SunLike Series

LED Luks, a specialty lighting manufacturer of architectural LED luminaires in Slovenia, selected SunLike Series LEDs for its Plain Spectra and Kyra Spectra pendant luminaires. LED Luks claims that these luminaires best present an object’s natural color and texture.

FLOS Architectural, a Spanish architectural designer lighting enterprise, adopted SunLike LEDs for three of its product lines: UT Spot, UT Pro (Tracking Power), and Light Supply, because of the SunLike LEDs’ dramatic color reproduction capability and natural light spectrum technology.

LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH, a German maker of LED luminaires for retail, hospitality, and office applications, has chosen the SunLike LEDs for select luminaires, including their Jett 100 and CSA 60 spotlights. The German LED lighting firm asserts that the light’s generated spectrum comes closer to sunlight than any other technology, which enhances contrast to enable an ideal color perception.

Xiaomi’s Eco Chain company Yeelight, adopted SunLike Series LEDs as a light source for its Smart eye protection desk lamp that offers adjustable control of study hours, light colors and brightness control. Yeelight boasts that the Smart eye protection desk lamp delivers the most comfortable and relaxing lighting to consumers with the safest and healthiest light source available.

ESSENZIALED LED Lighting, a designer of custom LED lighting systems based in Italy, has chosen SunLike Series LEDs for its Spottone and Mood Series luminaires because they provide superior color rendering with a higher quality of light and enhanced visual comfort.

FERROLIGHT Design, a premium lighting design studio based in the Netherlands, has selected SunLike Series LEDs for its handcrafted premium SUNSISTER suspended luminaires. Ferrolight Design created the minimalist design with independently dimmable upward and downward light to produce powerful, high-quality warm light.

The ALPHABET Lighting®, Division of LEDRAbrands® has reported the integration of SunLike LEDs into their NU SUN Downlight Series. Alphabet lighting says that the NU SUN Downlight Series delivers the full spectrum color rendering making these lights perfect for applications in healthcare facilities, commercial offices, retail shops and boutiques, and restaurants.