LED Engin Releases LuxiTune 2.3 Tunable White

LED Engin has launched the LuxiTune™2.3 tunable white light engine. The light engine targets the same track-lighting and small downlighting applications as its Gen 2.0 LuxiTune products. However, the modules offer the added performance and controllability that LED Engin introduced with Gen 3.0. These advances include smooth deep dimming to 0.5% with no e-flicker and no visible flicker as well as additional control interfaces for Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), DALI, and DMX-RDM through daughter cards that customers can choose to integrate into their fixtures.

LED Engin LuxiTune 2.3 tunable white light engine with daughter card

LED Engin LuxiTune 2.3 tunable white light engine with daughter card

LuxiTune 2.3 measures 46mm diameter and produces 1100lm from a single-emitter. The module can replace Gen 2.0 products. The Gen 2.3 hybrid board leverages the thermal performance of ‘dielectric in metalcore’ printed circuit board technology that allows the integration of both the emitter and the 0-10V driver in this more compact form. The new module also comes at a lower price so fixture manufacturers can derive the most value.

The LuxiTune BLE daughter-card created with technology from Casambi, can enable BLE mesh-networked lighting installations. LED Engin developed the interface to be compatible with LuxiTune’s firmware and plug into the Gen 3.0 driver board. The Casambi App can commission and control LuxiTune installations. Now, the app also supports the 2.3 model light engine.

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