KLM Engineering Deploys Nedap Luxon Light Management Platform

KLM UK Engineering Limited, a maintenance repair branch of the AFIKLM E&M Network in the UK, has deployed the Nedap Luxon light management platform. The Luxon light management platform lets KLM UK Engineering control and monitor the lighting for its new hangar online. KLM says that the use of connected LED lighting for its hangar lighting will save electricity, which is one of the firm’s sustainability goals.

Peter Mahoney, finance director of KLM UK Engineering said, “Luxon gives us complete control over our lighting. It offers the flexibility to easily tailor the lighting to various activities in the hangars. For example, if there is only one aircraft in a hangar we dim the other bay. Nedap’s Luxon platform ensures that our people can work even more efficiently and safely.”

Nedap Luxon light management system installed in KLM Engineering Hangar

Nedap Luxon light management system installed in KLM Engineering Hangar

Adding Nedap Luxon System Saves More

Nedap claims that its light management platform decreases the energy consumption of LED lighting by half. Mahoney said, “Lighting may not be the first thing you think of in terms of sustainability goals, but using the right system can actually have a big impact. Using this intelligent system can result in significant energy savings, now and in the future, which also gives us a significant financial benefit.”

Luxeon High Power

The company also says that using the Luxon system, lighting systems are only active when and where they are needed. In addition, Nedap says that the Luxon platform offers insights about performance and usage that give users suggestions for future optimizations and proactive maintenance.
The company says that with different dashboards, Nedap lets users manage lighting within all their business locations online using one system, and the company claims that Luxon can easily be combined with any lighting system on the market.