Ketra Smart Lighting System Now Integrates with Amazon Alexa

Ketra, an LED lighting firm based in Austin, Texas reported that its Natural Light can now work with Amazon Alexa. Also, the company plans to integrate with Google Home in February. The news follows Ketra’s recent announcement that its lighting can integrate with Crestron and Lutron control systems in a smart home. The company previously garnered widespread recognition for its installations in workplace, retail, and hospitality

Ketra adds Amazon Alexa capabilities to smart lighting system

Ketra adds Amazon Alexa capabilities to smart lighting system

Nav Sooch, CEO of Ketra commented, “Discerning homeowners understand that not all light is created equal. Ketra gives you that perfect, crisp white during the day, and soft, amber glow in the evening. The lights dynamically shift, matching the sun’s changing color temperature throughout the day. Now with home automation, the benefits of Ketra are beyond wellness and aesthetics—the user experience is streamlined, whether you want to control your lights remotely or using voice commands. It’s the full package.”

Ketra says its lighting system delivers high-quality light that shifts in color temperature from crisp and bright during the day to soft and warm in the evening. The company developed the innovative system to promote wellness, productivity, and comfort among occupants.

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Homeowners who own the Ketra lighting system need only download and install the 1.14.1 firmware update for their N4 Hubs to allow Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration.