Ketra Lighting Technology Mimics Natural Sunlight

Ketra has developed LED lighting technology that precisely mimics the color temperature and intensity of natural sunlight. Ketra lights dynamically shift in color temperature throughout the day. This shift delivers the full range of sunlight from crisp and bright during the day to soft and warm at night. According to the company, the lights bring the wellness benefits of Natural Light to indoor occupants and synchronize their circadian rhythms to for better health and rest.

The Austin-based company previously provided LED-based Natural Light to commercial spaces including Whole Foods Market, Google, and Pinterest, and others, Now, Ketra is bringing its proprietary lighting technology to the high-end residential market. The company says that in addition to providing an elegant design statement, their lights contribute to the wellness of those inside the space.

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Harris Poll Conducts Survey Commissioned By Ketra

A recent survey commissioned by Ketra and conducted by Harris Poll found that almost 9 out of 10 Americans (89%) say that exposure to natural light has a major or at least moderate positive impact on mood.

The survey found that 87% said that exposure to natural light has a positive impact on alertness, productivity, and brain function. Also, the survey revealed that nearly 8 in 10 Americans (79%) wish they could spend more time outdoors during the day to get more exposure to sunlight.

Furthermore, the survey showed that nearly 3 out of 4 Americans (73%) would pay more for light bulbs if they knew the bulbs would have a positive impact on their health.

“From the beginning of time, humans have evolved under two natural light sources: the sun and firelight. Light from these sources aids in regulating physical processes and helps maintain mental wellbeing by aligning the human body’s circadian rhythms,” said Nav Sooch, CEO of Ketra. “As the survey data and bodies of other research reveal, natural light offers myriad wellness benefits. It stands to reason that today’s commercial and residential spaces should offer this high-quality light indoors. Ketra does just that.”

Ketra Proprietary Technology

Ketra says that the technology in each of its LED bulbs and luminaires can perfectly simulate sunlight while maintaining consistency across every bulb in the space. A proprietary semiconductor technology measures the bulb’s color 360 times per second, continuously ensuring that the light output from every bulb in the space is the exact color temperature of natural light, measured in degrees Kelvin.

Very Long Life in Addition to Simulating Sunlight

The company contends that the light bulbs last up to 30 years in a typical home, significantly longer than standard LEDs. Ketra also points out that its LED bulbs maintain the precise color control throughout their lifetimes, and maintain the exact output as each other.

In this way, the company says that with the help of the company’s color and light output monitoring and automatic adjustments, all its bulbs continuously emit the same exact amount of color and light, unlike standard LEDs bulbs that typically vary in color and change color as they age.

A Complete Connected Lighting Solution

In addition to bulbs, the company offers luminaires, as well as keypad interfaces, and software that works on smartphones and other smart devices. The system integrates the lighting, keypad interfaces, and software, and the lighting products communicate wirelessly to interfaces to control the light.

Ketra offers the D3 Downlight portfolio for new construction. The downlights come with several trim options including “mud in,” a hidden trim; “wall wash,” which is excellent for highlighting artwork, and “pinhole,” which enables a spotlight or narrow beam.

Ketra says that the interfaces through a command of an occupant or as a scheduled event can allow simple transitions between preset settings. For example, users can set the bedroom lights to gradually brighten as the sun rises. The X2 touchpad fits with a standard wall box, making it ideal for retrofit installations as well as new construction.

The user can also control lights using a smartphone or tablet via the Ketra app. Ketra’s N4 Hub (a small, black box) wirelessly connects Ketra fixtures with the control interfaces.

The system can integrate with home automation, shade control, and security systems.

Color Choices Beyond White Color Temperature Tuning

Ketra’s tunable-spectrum LED technology offers infinite color choices not just white color tuning.
These color choices include saturated colors and even pastels.

The lights reportedly can be dimmed to levels as low as just 0.1 percent of their original brightness with no light flicker. This dimming goes much further than LED technology which typically reaches to 10% of the original brightness

The lights improve circadian rhythms through gradually eliminating the blue content of the lighting as the day draws to a close. It slowly shifts from bluish white light in the morning (like a sunrise) to reddish white light in the evening (like a sunset).