Jamaica Utility to Deploy Smart Streetlight Control Solution from Silver Spring Networks

Silver Spring Networks, Inc. of San Jose, California USA, reported that the company would be working with Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) on a utility-led, country-wide smart street light control program. JPS, an integrated electric utility company, operates as the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, serving over 600,000 customers. Petroleum-based island energy grids such as Jamaica require extensive energy savings measures. The smart street light controls that Silver Spring supplies are expected to help further improve energy efficiency.

As part of the deployment, JPS will connect its existing Silver Spring IPv6 platform to up to 110,000 smart LED street lights in population centers throughout the island including Kingston, Falmouth, Negril, and Spanish Town. Silver Spring says JPS will use its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to deploy Silver Spring’s Streetlight Vision Central Management System (CMS) for controlling and managing the networked street lights.

Control and Monitoring in Jamaica Will Do More than Save on Electricity

According to Silver Spring, the smart streetlight control and monitoring solution can alert a utility to light failures and allow quicker repair. Furthermore, adaptive dimming and brightening based on pedestrian and vehicle traffic can help increase safety and energy efficiency. JPS will begin its three-year program to upgrade the lighting infrastructure with new LED street lights and smart controls this summer.

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“At JPS, we are undertaking a major transformation that is redefining lighting and energy service delivery by modernizing Jamaica’s infrastructure, and we are pleased with how Silver Spring Networks’ technology is facilitating this change,” said Gary Barrow, Chief Technology Officer, JPS. “We see Silver Spring as a crucial provider for not only smart grid innovation but also as a platform for new smart city applications, that will bring new and relevant applications quickly to the cities of Jamaica.”

“We are excited by how rapidly JPS was able to realize the value of our platform to connect multiple services,” said Don Reeves, CTO, Silver Spring Networks. “We believe our success with JPS demonstrates how effective our technology is in not only meeting a customer’s initial deployment objective but how we can set them up for success in the future.”