IoT Integrator Noribachi Offers Pulse IoT Platform and Customized IoT Solutions

Noribachi formed a digital services technology branch (Noribachi Digital Services) to bring the Internet of Things solutions to life. According to the company, the company can transform most any light into a smart light. For this service, the company created Pulse IoT, a wireless platform that the company claims lets users mix and match fixtures, sensors, controllers, and software to provide easily deployable solutions for complex problems.

According to the company, these potential issues that they can address go beyond light control and monitoring and energy management into new realms and capabilities that have nothing to do with lights other than the fact that they provide a good place to put the sensors.

Noribachi Offers Numerous Sensors

Along with this technology, the company offers numerous sensors for both IoT and the Industrial Internet of Things. In addition to the more common sensors such as motion and occupancy, and light harvesting, and energy usage, the company offers much less common sensors such as a magnetometer, and a Geiger counter. Other sensors can monitor for smoke, gas, and water, as well as video, and audio monitoring. All of these can be deployed with smart lights, the company says.

Luxeon High Power

The company outlines a range of industrial senarios that might require control and monitoring. Noribachi also says that Pulse IoT can connect drivers to open parking spaces, detect traffic patterns, etc.

The company further boasts on their website, “If you can dream it we can do it.”

The company notes that Pulse IoT orchestrates sensors, controllers, fixtures, and software to work together.In addition to sensors that detect things in the environment and act on that information, the company offers wireless software and switches, as well as secure monitoring of sensitive areas.

The company calls its IoT solutions B.E.S.T., which stands for bespoked, engineered, and specifically tailored.