Inventronics Expands Wireless Dimming Controller Options

Inventronics releases Enocean compatible LED dimmer driver Ctl-Enoc-xx

Inventronics of Hangzhou, China, has expanded its wireless dimming controller options. The company released the CTL-ENOC-EU for use with EnOcean-based lighting devices. This new product the CTL-ENOC-EU is certified for use in Europe, while the previously released Inventronics CTL-ENOC-NA is certified for use in North America.

Both the CTL-ENOC-EU and the CTL-ENOC-NA are compatible with EnOcean’s Navigan software and broad portfolio of EnOcean compatible sensors and switches. Inventronics says that both the CTL-ENOC wireless dimming controllers can be easily programmed with a PC, the EnOcean Navigan software and NWC300 Wireless Commissioner.

The company’s Always-On V-DC auxiliary output from its AC-powered LED driver creates a simple and reliable wireless control node for one or more luminaires. A simple thee-wire connection connects the driver to the LED light source.

Luxeon High Power

Inventronics is a member of the Enocean Alliance. Both the CTL-ENOC-EU and the previously released CTL-ENOC-NA can be used with Enocean wireless devices including Enocean rocker-pad switches as well as Enocean daylight and occupancy sensors.

The North American certified device wirelessly connects to the Enocean switches and sensors with a 902MHz RF signal while the European use device operates with an 868 MHz signal.

The self-powered, rocker-pad switches harvest energy from an Enocean RF signal while the daylight and occupancy sensors harvest energy from small solar panels designed for indoor use.

The distinct advantage of installing Enocean switches is the simplicity and time savings from placing rocker-pad switches on a wall without needing to connect wires to AC power and without having to be close to a power outlet. The use of self-powered daylight and occupancy sensors from the Enocean Alliance also has this tremendous advantage.

Enocean devices can also be configured to act as repeaters to increase their range.